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Psilocybe Hollandia

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    i bought 2 packs of hollandia. Each for two people. it was our first high dose experience on psilocybin. (I only tried some shroom chocolate and psilocybe Atlantis, which didn't work as I was hoping for.) We ate the truffles and chewed them slowly. After 30 minutes I started to feel something rising up in my body. we giggled hard and listened to music. (Mostly death metal and tipper) We reached the peak after an hour and I was tripping balls. Never had so intense kaleidoscopic patterns and confused thoughts in my life. I had problems thinking rational. Nothing made sense, at the same time, everything made sense. Hard to explain. We started around 8pm. The trip lasted until 2am. We were inside the whole time. around 11 pm we felt tired and were fed up with tripping. we were concentrating on not dying mentally. I felt done and lifeless, had a wave of bad feelings. After an hour I felt better and I had some control of my mind back. the part after the peak was horrific, now I understand how psychopaths may feel like haha. It was still a good trip nevertheless. I feel more experienced in my mind due to facing my inner self. next time I'll be more prepared and outside in nature!


    Great effect !!


    Fantastici davvero!!
    Grandi effetti visivi, movimenti sciolti, euforia. Assolutamente da provare sono rimasto molto soddisfatto con una bustina intera da 15g.Oltre tutto un ottimo servizio, spedizione discreta e puntuale. Grande zamnesia! Buon divertimento.


    Thanks for the trip Zamnesia!
    The package arrived with stealth shipping. I tried to follow instructions and took about 8 grams and didn't feel anything for a couple of hours. Then I made a tea with the rest of the truffles and the trip started a few minutes later. It was fun and very eye opening. I will never forget this amazing experience. I recommend taking 15 grams for a good trip


    Beautifully brilliant.
    Took 15g just after waking up. Amazing. That is all.


    excellent products/excellent service
    an order was placed for these truffles and the package was lost in transit. Zamnesia replaced my whole order and added a little something extra as a goodwill gesture. the replacement order took just over a week to get to me but the wait was worth it. i shared the bag which weighed 16 grams between myself and a friend. the effects can be started to be felt after just 20 minuets and last for a good few hours before slowly fading off. 8 grams each was enough to feel the effects and have an afternoon of fun laughing but I will suggest that 8 grams is not quite enough to push you into that special place where reality fades away. next time i order from zamnesia I will order at least 2 packs and split between 3 people for a better experience. Thank you Zamnesia for providing great natural products that I am unable to obtain in my country.


    A deux nous avons pris la moitié chacun et ce fut une expérience super intense, je recommande contrairement aux "utopia" que nous avons trouvé très faibles !


    Great trip
    We bought 2 packs of hollandia for 3 friends, really nice trip, vivid and colourful, inner peace and relax, will buy more for sure. We ate a bit more than 13g each


    First experience with Magic Mushrooms. Took all the bag. It was fucking awesome, but more spiritual than visual (just some deformations, not true hallucinations). Shrooms are made to teach you something. Don't waste this Nature gift for "fun" only. Psylocibin is ostia for all who love truth and want to know their roots. Enjoy !


    First time user. Took 15 grams at home alone. It was intense but I never felt scared. Lasted 6 hours and it was beautiful. For the best result be brave and do 15 grams. And have a intension with your trip. For me it was love and divine guidence. Dont forget music. It will guide you. I recommend shamanic music.

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