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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (485)

    Good Product
    Don't add water if you don't want to ruin their grow on the first flush. Don't dry them in the oven. Rest is is waiting


    Customer service was great.
    Customer service was very fast to reply and very helpful. Delivery is quick.


    Good Product and friendly and fast Costumer suport


    Excellent service and support
    My kit arrived in a week. I set it up right away and did everything accordingly, but even after 2 weeks nothing was happening. So I reached out to the Zamnesia team and they were really kind to help. After exchanging a few emails they came to the conclusion that the kit was bad from the start and they offered me a new kit or a voucher of that price. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks again and keep it up! I am rating the service not the product, for I have not ordered another one and don't know how it is when it works. :)


    Great product
    Ive tried nearly all different kinds of grow boxes from zamnesia, supa gro and fresh, in my oppinion supa gro is the winner in every category, im at my 3rd flush now growing Golden teacher, cambodian and hawaian, ive had really big harvests around 15-40g dried each flush so creds to zamnesia, fast delivery and reliable trustworthy 100% thanks guys


    Excellent service and support. Shipment was on time and discret. There was something wrong with the first growkit and after reporting the issue they sent me a new one without any requests from my side! The first flush of the second kit is awesome - 250g, cant wait for the next one. Recommended


    Not as advertised
    I bought these same products a year ago, and they were much better. These new grow kits, which have a loose layer of vermiculite on top, produce 3 to 10 mushrooms each flush, and their size and shape varies drastically. Some mushrooms grow crooked and warped, some are so huge they take up most of the moisture and overshadow smaller guys. The grow kits I purchased earlier produced 20 to 30 grams of dried mushrooms the first flush, and less with every subsequent harvest. Now I'm hard pressed to expect 30 dried grams from one grow kit at all. I bought five of these boxes, and they all behave the same. I haven't tried the effectiveness of the mushrooms, but last time I ate an over-sized mushroom, that grew form the last flush of the kit, it didn't have any potency...


    Great kit
    Always a pleasure to grow with this kit. It’s always easy and my first flush gave me 260gr wet mushrooms. Good stuff thanks guys.


    Professional and trusted shop!
    Great products, support and help. There was something wrong with my first kit (I read the instructions , extreme clean environment) but they didn't grow.. I reported the problem - and they sent me a new kit! I was really impressed! Then, I ordered some truffles (Atlantis). Super quality, great support again. I must say that Zamnesia is my faovrite and only shop right now. No need to serach other places... - here you have all you need, with safety of transaction, and REALLY GREAT customer service! Thanks guys, seeya next time! :)


    brilliant - 3 flushes and I'm a novice!
    I can't recommend Zamnesia enough for their support and help. I messed up my first kit (didn't read the instructions) and they sent me a new kit. I followed instructions (with the help of a few questions I asked, which were answered very quickly) and I have successfully harvested three flushes of Golden Teacher. I dried them (again using instructions using the Epsom salts method), and have taken a miniscule amount (about 0.2g) a day for three days. I have weaned myself of antidepressants over the last 3 weeks, so am clean of them. I must say, the micro dosing is working a treat! I am so impressed!

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