Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'


Golden Teacher is a big, beautiful, and compact cubensis that impresses with excellent yields. But that’s not all it has to offer; thanks to its mysterious origins, Golden Teacher has a unique appearance with golden caps and thick, ivory-coloured stems.

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Zamnesia - Golden Teacher: This Is One Lesson You Won’t Want To Miss

Let Golden Teacher give you a lesson in spiritual enlightenment you’ll never forget! Golden Teacher is an extraordinary Psilocybe cubensis variety whose exact origins remain a mystery to this day. Despite its unknown genetics, Golden Teacher gives off an air of elegance with its unusual characteristics. It features vibrant golden caps with specks of yellow and a meaty stipe that gets thicker toward the base.

The kit comes with everything that you need. It includes a layer of perlite to ensure optimal drainage and water retention, plus a fully-colonised rye cake with vermiculite as the casing layer. An easy-to-read instruction manual is also included in the kit, with only two things needed from the grower. The first is a few weeks of patience, and the second is that the kit will require spraying daily to maintain optimal conditions. Golden Teacher doesn’t ask for any extra coursework or subject you to a gruelling test—just a lesson in psychedelics you will be happy to stay behind for.

Zamnesia magic mushroom grow kits are grown by our very own in-house mycological experts and contain extremely healthy mycelium. Each kit provides a minimum of two flushes (maximum of five).

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kit


  • Instructions
  • Perlite
  • Fully-colonised rye cake
  • Vermiculite (casing layer)
  • Grow bag

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain Golden Teacher

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Reviews (303)

    Golden Teacher grow set
    Der erste flush kam recht schnell. Mal sehen ob ich noch ein zweites Mal ernten darf. Der Preis ist leider viel zu teuer meiner Meinung nach!


    A little bit slow to grow compared to other brands i tried. Still, large crop of huge mushrooms is on the way.


    Tip top!
    Kit completo e facilissimo da far partire, ho raccolto 113gr la prima volta e 120gr la seconda, sono alla terza gettata. Proverò anche tutti gli altri kit. I golden teacher mi hanno aiutata molto in un periodo difficile. Li uso per connettermi profondamente alle mie emozioni, per ridere o piangere! Arrivano momenti di grande che chiarezza e calma mentale… mi portano in un flusso fisico in cui inizio a fare yoga secondo le necessità del mio corpo. Adoro!! Felicissima


    Après 2 semaines a brumisé tous les jours. Des monstre sont apparus et ont littéralement éclaté le pain ! J'ai jamais eu un kit comme ça sachant que c'est mon 3eme ! La 1er flush s'annonce fructueuse ;) je pense plus de 100g easy avec ces monstres (on dirait des morceaux de gingembre/ pouce/ zgeg mutant)


    Mold despite being extra careful
    It has been quite some time since I tried this kit. To my unfortune, my kit got infected with mold, despite me disinfecting my hands up to my elbow twice. I tried everything to save the cake, yet none of my attempts were of any success. I am not blaming anyone, as this could have happened to anybody. I tried Zamnesia seeds, were almost all of them germinated and did well (the potential yield is highly optimistic). Unlike growing legal CBD products from hemp, this requires less skill and is mostly just a gamble. Despite me mostly mentioning bad things I also got to express my satisfaction with the magic truffles. I tried Vallahala and Utopia, while not ignoring the recommended dose. So those are ideal, if you want to abstain from having the joy of growing yourself, yet want a good and solid experience. Have a good trip!


    In osservazione
    Il kit è arrivato nei tempi previsti e con imballo perfetto. Metto quattro stelle per quello, mi riservo di aggiornare la recensione non appena i risultati arrivano : sto aspettando di vederli spuntare!!


    total gut
    beste Qualität. Schölnes Wachstum. Glanzende Verpackung, hohe Ansprüche! Sehr schön, ich freu mich sehr auf's durchprobieren


    Great first yield
    Worked perfectly, first flush 18,6grams dried. Only microdosing so far, 0,1 - 0,15 seems perfect for a good start in the day.


    Kit golden teacher
    Comme toujours, 1 récolte hallucinante, suivie de 6-7-8,c'est incroyable que les chapeau s'ouvrent et pourtant les spores ne tombent quasi pas sur le pain,puisque il y'en a d'autres en dessous avec 1 grosse épaisseur de mycé du top en "cubensis"les MC KENNAÏ sont 1 peu plus dur à faire, mais j'ai sorti un champi de 46g sec!...entre le gros psylo et l'amante panthère,énorme...les golden teacher font entre 5 et 15-20g sec/champi...Greg


    Perfectas para un viaje
    4 veces la dosis normal y te fundirás, recomendada para psiconautas

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'