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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (389)

    It was my second kit and i wanted to try a new one, in the first cycle, didn't have much mushrooms, it was weird, and normaly there's more on the 2nd cycle, and i had even less, like 2g dry grams of mushrooms, and when tried, there was just visual effect without the euphorical et physical effect, i was disapointed


    First ever gro kit... got good results... nice yields...several flushes and was exciting to grow and now I have a mycology hobby...thanks Zamnesia


    So I got three flushes, the second was two giant mushrooms however on the third I decided to ignore the instructions and go my own way and just picked the big ones the flush continued to another 110g of healthy specimens and I’ve done the same again lots of small pins still growing. Very happy


    Carpophores en cours de pousse !
    Tout se passe bien pour cette culture. Le service client de Zamnesia a été incroyable, très réactif, très aidant. Merci !


    By far the best of Supa grow but...
    I don't know if I have a high tolerance against these mushrooms but i have to take at least 6 grams to get any visuals, so my normal dose lands around 16 grams. Which I feel waists a lot of the mushrooms. Maby I'm doing something wrong when I grow them? Any tips?


    Rien n'a jamais poussé dans la box malgré le suivi des instruction et refaite à plusieurs reprises...


    If you take of her, she will reward you
    4 stars instead of 5 but this is my fault: the instructions are very clear, you need to air and vaporize each day during the first weeks. As I had to be away for 3 weeks, I bought an auto-watering system and put it inside of the plactic bag. I returned yesterday: mushrooms were there but completely rot and blue. Not worried as it can generate several cycles but for the next one, I will be there every day!


    I got a contamination wich was not caused by me and they refunded me, so i got unlucky i guess.


    This product is amazing and so easy to use


    Good Product
    Don't add water if you don't want to ruin their grow on the first flush. Don't dry them in the oven. Rest is is waiting

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