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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (485)

    Très satisfait
    Une première boîte défectueuse mais le service client qui m'en renvoie une sans problème et qui fonctionne très bien. Le trip quant à lui fut assez intense, très visuel, golden teacher est un nom tout à fait approprié, je recommande


    got a wrong delivery at first (got mexian mushrooms instead - nice growth - 3 flushes, trip felt more like being drunk in my body, no halos, just felt a bit more open emotionally - all in all disappointing), but the new kit arrived fast and without troubles. Growing my third flush now, probably about 100 grams each time, so not growing wildly, but enough for a few nice trips. Haven`t tried them yet, only dried them in a dehydrator at 70 degrees for about 6 hours. works really well. now looking forward to an introspective weekend!


    Golden teachers Always good
    This is the second time of me getting Golden teacher. I like the harvest the resilience of the mushrooms and easiness of growing these shrooms. The journey was philosophical and deep with many visions for me. Thumbs up for this kit!


    gutes produkt
    schmerzen hören auf, aber hallos eher keine, aber in kleiner dosis, ein wundermittel


    BAD! - Contaminated.
    I got a supa gro 100% golden teacher and came contaminated. IT got worse after a few days. I called Zamnesia and they studied the case with some photos I sent them, kindly they sent me a new kit without charge. For my surprise the new kit came contaminated as well. It is terrible, EUR 50 lost. I'm not sure what is going on with their products but my experience with these grow kits was disappointing.


    Molto Deluso - Very Disappointed
    I think I received a very old KIT, it was too dry as soon as it was opened. Zamnesia, if the Kit are too old you shouldn't sell them. I have carefully respected all of yours guidelines but 23 days has passed and nothing happened, thrown to the bucket like the 50€ i spent.


    Only some pins...
    ...very disappointing, probably because the order was in a delivery state for long time by the transporter (covid), tried to restart the batch...nothing at all :( bye bye 50€.


    Golden teacher
    Everythink fast everythink beatiful support even better then i was imagine take it and enjoy it


    Qualité inégalable
    Produit plus que conforme, explications claires et précises, livraison rapide, un sans faute Zamnesia un sans faute ..


    Kit contaminé au second flush
    Livraison rapide, service client à l'écoute. Les champignons ont un goût prononcé que j'ai vraiment apprécié. Pas de nausée, trip très puissant avec moins d'un gramme. J'ai trouvé ces champignons pleins d'enseignements. L'équivalent de 10 ans de thérapie en une séance c'est dire leurs efficacités. Parcontre le kit à été contaminé dès le 2nd flush alors que toute les précautions ont été prises. Un peu déçu par la quantité. Sinon Merci Zamnesia !

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