Vaporizer Review: The Mighty
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Vaporizer Review: The Mighty

4 min
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When it comes to portable vaporizing, the Mighty has a lot to offer. But does it live up to the hype? It is time to get into the details with our in-depth review.

The Mighty is as impressive as its name suggests. It is a German made portable convection vaporizer produced by Storz and Bickel. For those who don’t recognise the name, these are the guys that made the Volcano vaporizer – a worldwide favourite.

So, what do I like about it? Well, it is straightforward to use, has one of the longest battery lives I have ever seen in a portable vaporizer, and produces a vapour quality that will impress any connoisseur. The only real downside is that with such great functionality comes a pretty bulky size, and a mighty price.

So let’s take a look at the finer details:



Let’s start with the biggest issue I had with the Mighty first. The Mighty is one of, if not the, biggest portable vaporizer currently available on the market. It weighs in 230g and is 14cm H x 8cm W x 3cm D in dimension. While this is not exactly enormous, it is big for a portable vaporizer, and certainly isn’t going to win any award for subtlety. It sits nicely in the hand, and feel good, but takes up my entire grasp. The size and weight of Mighty are not necessarily problems per se, but if you need discretion, the Mighty is going to fail you. It is still small enough to transport with relative ease, but you will need a bag or big pockets.



I found the Mighty to be extremely user-friendly. The top easily twists off revealing the herb chamber within. Once filled, it is simply a case of screwing the top back on, powering it up, and setting a temperature on its LED display for it to heat to – which can be set between 40°C and 210°C. The current and target temperature are displayed on the LED screen, making it easy to monitor and change. Setting the temperature at 180°C, it took the crafty 1:21 minutes to heat up from cold. Once it hit target temperature, it vibrated to let me know it was ready to start vaping. All that was required then was to take a draw.

It is worth noting, that as long as the power is on, it will automatically try and maintain its target temperature, meaning if it is on, it is heating. In order to help conserve battery, it turns off after one minute of not being used. It confirms turning off and on with a vibration.



When I first heard that the Mighty was made of Plastic, I became quite disheartened. But I have to say, it doesn’t feel cheap or fragile. It is a real testament to Storz and Bickel that they can produce a portable vaporizer made of plastic and still have it feel solid, and top-end of the market. The LED display screen is bright, clear and responsive, making it easy to monitor the temperature and keep track of battery life.

When it comes to how the Mighty looks and feels, you can tell that it has been designed for efficiency over looks. It is understated and sleek, with its only real notable aesthetics being the ridges across the heating chamber used to aid cooling. Other than that, the looks are quite unremarkable. However, this focus on efficient function and build quality doesn’t take away from its feel. If anything, it boosts it. It is feels reassuring to know it will stand the test of time.


The vapour quality produced by the Mighty is exceptional. In fact, it is very similar to that had in a Volcano vaporizer. I used it with some cured herb, and it produced extremely smooth, pure flavoured clouds of vape. The Mighty also managed to maintain a pretty consistent temperature throughout the vaping session, and had minimal draw resistance – which is something a lot of its competition cannot say. For those who prioritise vapour quality, it will not let you down.



With big size comes big battery, and here the Mighty certainly doesn’t disappoint. On average, I managed to 95 minutes of continuous, making it one of the longest lasting portable vapes available. It is also possible to use while charging thanks to its pass-through capabilities. However, as it is quite a beastly battery, it can’t be charged with USB. It must be plugged into the mains to juice up. When fully depleted, I found it took slightly over 2 hours to fully charge.


There are a few other things worth mentioning about the Mighty. Firstly, about the heating mechanism. Although the Mighty predominantly uses convection heating during vaporizing, its initial pre-bowl heat up starts off as conduction – technically making it a hybrid. While this is going to have little impact on the actual vapour quality, it does help heat up the bowl quicker, and is worth noting.

Secondly, the Mighty comes with both a plastic grinder and a bowl loading aid. Considering how fiddly it can sometimes be to load a bowl, especially if you are midsession, it was extremely useful to have this tool available. It is basically a grinder without the spikes that attaches into the bowl, allowing you to funnel all the herb into it.


It isn’t just the quality of this vaporizer that is mighty; unfortunately, the price tag is as well. With a cost of around €348, the Mighty certainly isn’t cheap and makes it more expensive than the competition. It is a price that could be off-putting to some, or impractical to others. However, the Mighty truly is a remarkable bit of kit, so if you are looking for the best of the best and are willing to spend money to get it, then the Mighty is going to be a worthwhile investment.


On the whole, I am extremely impressed with the Mighty. It is a top-end portable vaporizer built for those who prioritise vapour quality above all else. It may not be much of a looker, and comes with a hefty price tag, but it gets the job done to such a high standard, that you probably shouldn’t care. It is also so user-friendly that even the greenest of novices should be able to pick it up and figure out how to use it without much instruction. The only downfall is its size, and for those who need a vaporizer they can keep hidden easily, the Mighty is likely to be unsuitable. However, if discretion is not a problem, then the Mighty will please without bounds. I personally found that the long battery life, consistency and high vapour quality, make it ideal for group sessions. The Mighty was built to do a job, and it certainly does it.



Written by: Josh
Writer, psychonaut and cannabis aficionado, Josh is Zamnesia’s in-house expert. He spends his days nestled out in the countryside, delving into the hidden depths of all things psychoactive in nature.

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