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Blue Lily Effects

Blue Lily

The effects of the blue lily range from aphrodisiac, euphoric, sedative, and mildly entheogenic, depending on the dose and the combination with other substances. In general, the energy of the plant is ethereal, subtle and delicate. After its use, it is not uncommon to fall asleep deeply, and awake only when one is sufficiently rested; regardless of the time of the day.

The ability of Blue Lily to lower social inhibitions and slightly alter thought patterns is reported to increase feelings of empathy and compassion. It is why it was, and still is, popular as a recreational substance.

Whether Blue Lily is a full entheogen on its own is disputed, but so far no form of preparation nor dose has been found that would justify such a claim. Blue lily is often added in smoke blends to add a twist, but it doesn‘t seem to be able to induce a very strong psychedelic experience on its own. Considering that the Egyptians are thought to have used the Blue lily in wine only, raises the possibility that its effects are best expressed in this combination.

Traditional preparation

The traditional preparation methods of Blue Lily are somewhat speculative, and primarily derived from paintings and analysis of residue. It is thought that the dried buds, flowers and perhaps the seeds of the plant were made into a tea and soaked in wine. It is these parts of the plant that contain the psychoactive components.

Some believe the fresh flowers were boiled in water and then squeezed in a linen cloth to filter it out. This could either then be drunk as part of a hot tea, or put into wine. It is also possible to infuse wine directly with Blue Lilly by allowing the dried flowers to soak in it for a few days.



Blue Lily