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Salvia Quid

Quids are small clumps of rolled and compressed Salvia, shaped into balls or cylinders. Quids are chewed – very slowly, a chew every several seconds – and they send the active chemical of Salvia through the gums. After half an hour of chewing the effects can already be present, and the quid is then spat and discarded, leaving its Salvia-saturated juice on your tongue and gums. If you’re chewing a quid, try to keep that juice in until the half hour of chewing is over. Quid chewers keep a bowl, pot, or towel handy to spit chewed quids into – the juice can deeply stain clothes and other cloth. Don’t tip that bowl over!

Making quids is straightforward. Either freshly harvested, moist leaves or dry Salvia leaves can be rolled into quids, resulting in slightly different quids. Dry leaf quids have a sweeter, less bitter flavor. Ideally, every quid maker would have a gram scale (costs less than $15!), but if not, he/she can count out around 8 to 28 large, whole leaves to make about 2 to 8 grams of Salvia plant dry. These leaves should be soaked in cool water for several minutes, removed, squeezed until no water drips, and then rolled or balled up. The final product is a quid. To even further simplify the process, it’s possible to simply roll or ball up dry Salvia leaves, but taste and texture are greatly sacrificed. Some people even flavor their quids with ingredients like sugar, honey, syrup, Stevia extract, etc. Flavored quids are much less bitter and much more enjoyable to chew and savor.

To give the Salvia stoning effect of your quid an extra boost, you can prepare your mouth to more readily absorb and deliver Salvia’s active ingredient. Items you’ll need are an everyday toothbrush and a brand of mouthwash that has alcohol or menthol in it (like Listerine Cool Mint, Crest Mint, etc.). First use the toothbrush to softly scrub around in the inside of your mouth, reaching the crevices and cleaning the parts under your tongue (where a lot of absorption happens). Then rinse and gargle with your mouthwash of choice, making sure to keep it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds (you should anyway). Get the mouthwash everywhere as well. When the time’s up, spit, and all the dead skin cells and particles in your mouth will rinse out with it.

Generally, effects of the quid come on around 10 to 15 minutes after the first chew. Newcomers: don’t be misled by the onset just because it is slower than smoking; Salvia is a strong psychoactive and quids last longer than inhaled Salvia. The quid stone peaks at around the time you spit it out, and plateau there for a good hour, before tapering off. The entire experience of chewing a quid is relatively short from first chew to baseline, but it can always change from person to person.


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