Salvia Extract 80x


Fasten your seatbelts! This is the brain's version of the Large Hadron Collider, this Salvia extract is only for the most experienced psychonauts.

WARNING: Extremely strong, only for those who know what they're doing.

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Reviews (94)

    Salvia divinorum 80X
    Potente sustancia de calidad utilizada por los chamanes, con una calada con media cazoleta pequeña de pipa ya vuelas, cuidado de hacerlo en algún sitio donde te puedas sentar o tumbar y disfrutar del viaje, será un viaje muy breve, pero muy intenso, me parece super chulo!! No tenía espectativas pero si hubiese tenido las habría superado igualmente. 10/10 también el servicio de , que solo había valorado el producto.


    is it too strong, are you too weak
    80x is strong enough to swap places with one of your other selves in other parallel universes. unsuitable for beginners and the mentally unstable. normally salvia always sends me through the roller what feels as if one is being torn in a gentle way, but with this extract it works in a flash. 40x is enough for a great experience. With 80x you don't dive much deeper and you don't get what is happening to you. I really wonder why there is little research into salvia because it could certainly prove some scientific theses


    Très décu...
    x80, 05,g homme 35 ans 72kgs... Aucun effet ressenti. Fumé en Bang, fumée épaisse gardée longtemps mais... déception absolue... pas d'effet sauf peut être une gorge inflammée quelques heures plus tard et le lendemain... Le mode de consommation n'est peut être pas du tout le bon et la salvia avait un pépin, je ne sais pas...


    Wirklich heftige Wirkung gerne wieder


    The Salvia spirits are gonna have some fun with you.
    Enough said.


    ottimo prodotto, esperienza breve a abbastanza intensa, nessun lato negativo




    Would not do again.
    It was not too unpleasent but it also would not do much to me. My friend was laying on the floor for a few minutes and laught like an seemed as he weas crying. He said it was great but for me was imposible to hold breath for such a long time (30 seconds or more). It was very unpleasent to hold this terrible tasting of burn dirt from bong. The most of the effect I got was floor was moving just like we was on some little boat. I will have no interest in this substance and will focus on shrooms and DMT;) But it may be fun if you inhale it correctly.


    Esperienza veramente potente. Sconsiglio a persone facilmente suggestionabili.


    Holy Smokes
    I love psychedelics and tried salvia extract years ago, I couldn't remember what one so I thought let's try 80x. My friend also said that he'd like to try psychedelics. I gave him mushrooms before but he wanted to go "further" so salvia it was. I was told on forums to start off small with a few flakes, hogwash, I was soon packing the bong with a third of the bag, then *BOOM* it hit me like a truck. It was kinda like DMT but totally insane. DMT is like wow that's cool, salvia 80x is like holy f**k what the hell is that? I still have some left over weeks later that I'm afraid to do. I never encourage the use of sitters, just sit or lie down and don't move. The friend's sitter ended up crying, thinking he was brain damaged, lol it really is that strong, so if you insist on a sitter only do it around positive people and inform them that it's mental. It's extremely fun, mind blowing and I highly recommend it. It's extremely short lived too, you can go on a trip and be home to reality in 5 minutes.

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Salvia Extract 80x
Salvia Extract 80x