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Salvia: Ingestion Methods

Salvia grows naturally as a plant, and thus can be taken in many different ways common to psychoactive herbs (smoking, chewing, teas, etc). Salvia, however, is never injected into the veins.

The Mazatec Method

The first Mazatec Method

The Mazatec methods of taking Salvia is a traditional method with historical roots. It’s safe and reliable, but takes up more leaves and raw Salvia plant than smoking, chewing, and other methods. The first Mazatec variation starts with a large pile of Salvia leaves, which is ground up and mushed into a pulp that can be purified into a liquid drink. The drink reportedly tastes extremely strange (not in a good way), and the ingestion wastes a lot of Salvinorin A per leaf (the chemical doesn’t absorb well into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach), so people who aren’t in the Mazatec culture don’t go by this method too often; but, the experience is full and extremely long lasting. When the Mazatec method was first used, it was carried out as a spiritual ceremony inside a dimly lit room, with a tripsitter watching over the ones who were about to trip and expand their minds.

The second Mazatec Method

The second is, in a nutshell, simply eating Salvia leaves. The user chews the leaf thoroughly for a period of time, grinding out the Salvinorin A and allowing it to absorb through their tongue & mouth’s membranes before they swallow the leaves. The second Mazatec method is still less potent per leaf volume than a quid, talked about more later. Salvia leaves are also bitter and tough, making them difficult to get down your throat and swallow. The two Mazatec methods have their perks, but overall, they are definitely not the choice of most regular Salvia users.

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