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The Salvia Experiential Scale

The Salvia Experiential is a six level scale designed to let users rate the intensity of their Salvia trip. The six letters of the acronym S.A.L.V.I.A. correspond to ascending levels of intensity, one through six.

Level 1: Subtle Effects

Just like a “subtle” tap on the shoulder or a “subtle” noise in the background, Salvia trips reaching only the S level are just noticeable but relatively as mild as it can get. The feeling of a level one Salvia trip could be similar to the feeling you get from relaxed, deep breathing, or perhaps very focused.

Level 2: Altered Perception

At this point thought patterns and sensory details are distinctly different from normal. Music can sound richer and fuller, and a person at level two might be able to distinguish details of colors and textures with ease. The “aura” of the space around the user might seem different, maybe larger or smaller, and slight effects on memory can be apparent. This level is akin to a normal marijuana buzz.

Level 3: Light Visionary State

As the level’s name suggests, a person tripping at level three experiences light visions, aural and visual. These can be similar to the “mini-hallucinations” that are created by hypnagogic imagery, experienced by everyone before sleep. Common visuals are pulsating or repeating geometric designs, fractal patterns, lattices, and other abstract combinations of colors and shape, in addition to people and objects when nearing level four. Users at level three have a firm grasp on themselves and their reality, experiencing these visions as just passing imagery.

Level 4: Vivid Visionary State

A person at level four gets the same kind of visual and auditory experiences as a person in level three, but they are fuller, more concrete, and longer lasting. Instead of two dimensional designs and shapes, scenes and 3 dimensional visuals can occur with the eyes closed, and when focused on without distractions these scenes can expand to fill the user’s conscious state. As if one is “entering” the dream that you saw in level three, level four experiences can become complex and coherent enough to follow story lines and explore hallucinatory landscapes.

Not uncommon are journeys to other dimensions, meetings with aliens or other complex life forms, visions of animals and insects (people have reported feeling a transformation into a different animal species), and outlandish & colorful landscapes. At this stage, a user should make the decision to sit back, relax, dim the lights, and close their eyes, allowing the closed-eye visuals to take their form and guide you into the world of Salvia.

Level 5: Immaterial Existence

As a user progresses through the stages of intensity during a Salvia trip, his trip “environment” (the world he is hallucinating) becomes stronger and more solid as the sensory environment and the old reality slip away. The point where the trip environment begins to become so strong that it overpowers both the sensory environment and even the consciousness is level five.

Though a user will still be able to think to themselves and remain aware of their own consciousness at level five, the world around them is entirely out of their hands, turned into an ever-changing projection of your subconscious thoughts and feelings, building a dream world that eliminates any possibility of an outside world. People at this level will experience talks with themselves or divine beings, conscious-altering thoughts and states, and a lack of center control of thought. Some people lose complete awareness of their physical body and the physical world at this level.

Ego loss, or loss of awareness of self, is nearing, causing people to experience “merging” and become “one” with other objects or people in their world. If a user reaches this level, on purpose or by accident, without a tripsitter, they will be in for some deep trouble. A complete lack of awareness combined with blind stumbling can result in countless injuries. Any interaction with people on the outside world is entirely out the window. When properly reached, however, this level is seen as a goal among Salvia users.

Level 6: Amnesic effects

Level six, the last and highest level, is the point at which total ego loss occurs, and with it the memory of the experience may be entirely lost afterwards. On the outside, the user might show strange facial expressions, utter incomprehensible words & noises, bang, trash around, topple over, or even sit perfectly still and silent. On the inside, the user is not at all aware that they are on a Salvia trip or even of who they are.

Tripsitters need to be extra alert when dealing with a person at level six, especially because the person can easily hurt or injure themselves without having a clue they did it or feeling any pain. At the same time, keeping a record of the events might be helpful in the future, since most times a user can’t remember the experience after it happened (if they were even aware during it). Since memory of the trip is lost and the trip isn’t considered enjoyable, most users, even heavy users, try to stick to level 5 as a maximum satisfactory trip.

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