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Salvia is not a party drug!

A lot of recreatioSalvia no party drugnal drug users don’t get this when first trying Salvia Divinorum. You don’t smoke Salvia at a party, or to chill and have fun.

You smoke Salvia when you want to open your mind, delve into your thoughts and leave the physical world behind. The plant is a strong psychedelic used by many cultures for vision walks, religious healing rituals, and spiritual enlightenment. With normal dosage, one can easily experience strong visual and aural hallucinations, and during correct usage (i.e. in a comfortable setting with low light and little distractions, with a few people or one tripsitter/good friend, in a calm, stress-free mindset, perhaps with quiet music playing in the background), the Salvia world can overtake reality, engulfing the user in the trip and playing with all five senses as well as memories and thoughts.


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