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Blue Lotus 15x tincture (10 ml)

 3.5/5 (40)

    too light
    not very afrodisiac, but nice feeling


    Light effect
    Smooth & Light effect, yet strong taste!


    Not worth it
    I don't know if it's my body chemistry or what, but I don't feel anything, no matter how much I take it. Maybe if I drank 50 drops I would feel the alcohol. Maybe I was just "lucky" with this batch, anyone should start slowly with the suggested dosage.


    Pleasant and relaxing
    The effects are guaranteed, to be taken in moderation but mostly from personal experience isn't to be used too often. For example, if you take it now wait at least 2/3 days before you take it back because otherwise the effect will be almost imperceptible. However, the effects are calm and happiness, sometimes psychedelic. I say psychedelic because it reminds me of the initial effects of the magic truffles, see the light and the dark in an unusual way.


    Love it
    Great remedy. Helps me sleep well and I don't need to sleep for eight hours anymore. Also calmer and more centred in the day. Highly recommended


    very nice efects


    Ganz gut
    Wirkung relativ sedierend, leicht euphoriesierend.


    Too weak but Okay
    I ordered 2 of this and I am simply not able to open one of them. It's not this Child-safety thing, I could open the other one but the first one just won't open. The tincture itself is not as strong as the inhalation of the Flower itself is. I only feel a real effect when I mix it with alcohol. And not 6-10 drops like it says - I had to take 20 - 25 drops before I even felt anything. Without alcohol, it's just some very tiny, barely noticeable effect that makes me feel a little weird and makes the Music sound strange, which is not a really desirable effect. I might have to add the fact that my weight is about 120 Kilos and my heigt is about 194 cm. If you ask yourself if you want to test the tincture or the dried herb, I would tell you to buy the dried herb. Sorry for possibly bad formulations - I am german :) Anyway, I love this shop. Allways fast and safe. Just wanted to tell this too.


    gute wirkung
    schmeckt bitter aber geile wirkung


    Légèrement convainquant
    Tout d'abord, Zamnesia... toujours aussi nickel question livraison. Concernant le produit, voici mes expériences : Jours 1 : Premier test, donc pour pas trop abuser, test avec 8 gouttes ... résultat : pas de somnolence, j'ai mais pu prolonger ma soirée de 4h sans aucun soucis. Niveau aphrodisiaque, pas grand chose d'inhabituel. Jours 2 : test 12 gouttes ... résultat : toujours de spécial. J'ai pas su dormir de la moitié de la nuit (surement pas à cause du lotus mais ça déçoit tout de même). Jours 4 (j'ai rien pris un jour) : mieux dormi que la nuit précédente mais sinon rien de particulier. En gros, l'effet n'est pas extrêmement convainquant ... boire un petit whisky donne les mêmes résultats.

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