Why Using A Sublingual Cannabis Tincture Is The Best
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Why Using A Sublingual Cannabis Tincture Is The Best

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An Expert analysis of Marijuana Tinctures for both Recreational & Medicinal Uses, specifically focusing on the benefits derived from sublingual dropping. Cannabis tincture has returned on the scene because it really is a magic potion.


Sublingual is a complicated way to say “taken under the tongue”. The primary advantage is direct absorption into the bloodstream. Similar to eating but not quite the same because the trick is to deftly drop from a dark glass bottle using an eye dropper, not in the eyes although that probably will actually get you high, rather precisely under the tongue in order for the magic to happen.

This is important; consider edibles as like taking a long digestive journey with a mystery driver - sometimes the trip is like floating off to dreamland, other times it’s a blurry belly ache that ends in a wreck. With a bottle of tincture you are in the driving seat to adjust dose by the droplet. Also, dosing sublingaully skips any potential breakdown of content that can happen during the digestive process, maintaining a purer content.

The cannabis tincture itself is best described by the Irishman that made it famous once upon a time. “The resinous extract is prepared by boiling the rich, adhesive tops of the dried gunjah, in spirit, until all the resin is dissolved. The tincture thus obtained is evaporated to dryness by distillation, or in a vessel placed over a pot of boiling water”- WB O’Shaughnessy, M.D (Provincial Medical Journal- London 4/2/1843)


The Excellent news is Marijuana tincture has applications for both purposes.


The medicinal applications of cannabis are thousands of years old at least. Its old news, the earliest tinctures and teas are widely attributed to the most experimental Chinese Emperor Shennong or Shen Nung. Approximately 4,500 years ago this dude was cultivating every herb he could get his hands on, they don’t call him “The Divine Farmer” for nothing.

Anyway, somewhere along the way he hit upon a winner and invented cannabis tea or tincture which he called "Ma’". Ma’ was made from a mixture of hot water and cannabis flowers and leaves, and Nung recommended it for more than 100 illnesses including digestive ailments and absent-mindedness”- (according to an article in by PacerStacktrain 3/12/15).

These days a vast array of CBD tinctures are on the market and widely available in head shops, dispensaries and clubs in the Green Legal parts of the globe. Of course there are still some restrictions around concentrations and draconian prohibitions in some nations, but generally once THC is reduced to a negligible concentration then 4% CBD tincture is legal medicine.

Sublingual dropping is not only discreet it is a more palatable alternative for some medicinal users that require quick relief and can unfortunately neither smoke nor eat edibles for various reasons.



As with any cannabis oil high quality and purity is essential. Cibdol guarantees “100% natural” they even state on their website( - Quality control) that their CBD oil is “the best organic and natural CBD oil available”. A dietary supplement for the 21st Century, you can even store it in the fridge.


OK, first off this stuff looks amazing and seems to be gaining traction in the pioneer weed legal State of Colorado. Companies like Dixie Elixirs are specialising in THC tinctures made via CO2 extraction. The Dew Drops range comes in a tasty selection of flavours. Each drop contains 3mg of THC ensuring a precise dose that one could have all kinds of fun experimenting with.





They come with a suggested 20 minute activation time and a warning “The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two hours or more” ( This is why it is so important to drop carefully under the tongue and allow 60 seconds for absorption. Unfortunately store-bought THC tincture for recreational use is hard to come by in Europe. But when has that ever stopped us?


When it comes to brewing up a batch of your very own cannabis tincture it seems there are two styles of moonshining. They are distinguished by the temperature but both methods essentially decarboxylate THC using alcohol. Decarboxylation is a complex way to say that heat is required to convert THCA into active THC.


The Internet is rife with tincture methods and recipes, however two separate camps are evident. Proponents of the “old” methods successfully improved upon the traditional tincture method of packing a mason jar with bud and high-proof alcohol.

Old school tincture shiners wait a couple of months and store the jar in a cool dark place until the bud dissolves before finally straining off usually through a coffee filter or cheese cloth into the tincture bottle.

Intrepid stoners discovered a more effective catalyst. By putting the jar in the freezer and taking it out once a day to give it a thorough shake they discovered it can reduce waiting time before straining to a week or less.

Using primo buds has the potential to produce tincture with sky-high THC concentrations. See the following link for a great 6 step guide:

Make Your Own Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tinctures, also known as green dragon, have been a popular consumption methods for centuries as it is the perfection consumption...

For the impatient, devil may care, cavaliers and perhaps those without a lick of sense there is the Green Dragon method. This method has so many disadvantages and provides the average stoner far too many opportunities for error in an unforgiving multitasking recipe.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of stinking out your entire residence with a powerful aroma of cannabis and potentially burning down the kitchen then by all means give this one a Google search.


Tinctures are coming back and it’s not difficult to imagine sublingual CBD oil breaking into mainstream medicine and replacing a multitude of currently prescribed poisons. It’s even easier to imagine high THC concentrate tinctures becoming sensationally popular similar to the dabbing phenomenon.

Precision dosage of organic concentrated oils that take effect in 20 minutes or less for €35 per 10ml bottle, enough for approx 100 drops, make sublingual cannabis tinctures irresistible. Definitely warranting further investigation and extensive sampling at a minimum. Consider tinctures a rising stock on the cannabis index poised to break into the Fortune 100.


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