Blue Lotus 15x tincture (10 ml)


This is a 15x tincture from the Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea). Blue Lotus has played an important role in Egyptian history. These days Blue Lotus is grown around the world.

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Some people have compared the effects to Ecstasy, but others say it's much like cannabis. It also acts as an aphrodisiac. Originally a native of the Nile delta, following its rediscovery as a psychoactive, Blue Lotus (actually a water lily) is now grown around the world by professionals and amateurs.


Take 6-10 drops up to 2x per day.


Not well researched to date, Blue Lotus flower has only recently been found to contain the alkaloid nuciferine, which is soluble in alcohol but not known to be psychoactive. Also likely contains aporphine, a non-selective dopamine agonist.

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Reviews (40)

    Produit testé
    Pratique à consommer


    No effect
    Zero effect on me.... :-(


    I took up to 25 drops but had zero effects
    For me it had no effects, maybe it is different for somebody else. Would not order it again


    Good product and may work
    Have to experiment more, but seem to work.


    Bad taste but Nice effects
    Well i tried this yesterday after a few joints, and it kicked in very fast. The taste not good but i can compare this with mdma.


    No effect
    Guess this is one of those types of products which dont work for all people.


    Il lato positivo di questo prodotto sta nel fatto che è stata realizzata una tintura, questo rende facile e pratica la sua assunzione. Il lato negativo invece consiste proprio nel Loto Blu in se', tutte le volte che mi è capitato di provarlo infatti sono rimasto molto deluso dagli effetti, o forse dovrei dire dalla loro mancanza... Se preso in buona quantità e a stomaco vuoto, se siete sensibili e fortunati, forse riuscirete ad avere pochi minuti di relax e serenità, ma sinceramente non ne vale la pena. Se preso abbinato a degli alcolici, la mia impressione è che ammorbidisca e prolunghi l'effetto di questo ultimi e questo è probabilmente l'unico uso per cui ha un qualche significato il suo utilizzo. L' impressione generale non è tanto di poca efficacia in se', ma piuttosto di concetrazione non rilevante a produrre un qualche effetto significativo e riguardo il Loto Blu purtroppo non si tratta di un caso isolato.


    Sehr schönes schlafen!
    Ein gutes Produkt für den Preis! Ich nehme so 15-20 Tropfen eine halbe Stunde vor dem Schlafen gehen. Schmeckt sehr lecker einfach mit Wasser vermischt. Macht mich kurzzeitig wach für 20 min, danach kann ich aber super schlafen. Habe immer schöne Träume und wach Energie geladen auf. Auch bei weniger schlaf. Habe das Gefühl der Schlaf ist tiefer und intensiver. Möchte es gerne demnächst mal mit Wein mischen. Ein sehr gutes Produkt, immer wieder gerne. :-)


    just wanted to try this product
    but i didn't really feel any effect. It's not strong enough for me.


    Drogue de mémé
    Léger, relaxant, parfait après dîner avant d'aller dormir. Je pourrais en prendre avec ma mamie que ça me choquerait pas.

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Questions (1)
Ich 2014-06-29 17:43:30

Die Tropfen einfach in ein Glas Wasser? Oder besser auf Zucker träufeln?


Our Blue Lotus is best consumed directly and orally, 6-10 drops under the tongue or directly in your mouth up to 2x per day.

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Blue Lotus 15x tincture (10 ml)
Blue Lotus 15x tincture (10 ml)