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White Lotus (20 Grams)

 4/5 (61)

    "Sleepy" effects
    Nice herbs to smoke , mixed with weed or simply grinded and smoked very well alone. But some "sleepy" effects come over you if you smoke more than two blunts, so avoid to smoke in day. Salut, le Lotus Blanc se fume nikel en roulpaf, un p'tit arrière goût qui persiste tout de même mais c'est bien mieux que le tabac, si fumé que le soir, ça relaxe et permet de dormir trankil sans réveil nocturne jusqu'au matin.


    remplace le tabac
    Dur à rouler par contre, broyé la avant !


    interesting stuff
    I thought that it has the same effect as the Blue Lotus but the difference is like night and day. Very different but actually good vibes.


    so bad
    i smoke it, i vape it and i make a tea and i don't get any effect . also when u smoke it smells very bad


    tobacco substitute:
    I don't like it, if you mix with some herbs than is better cause the weed but i don't like the taste.


    Had no effect on me, regardless of how much I vaporised or through what. Very bad when used through hookah. Do not smoke.


    Very active compounds!
    I smiled this with weed and passionflower and the room was 'tilty' enjoyably and humourously, I don't smoke this before work! I would highly recommend at the end of a long day.


    Substitut de tabac
    Ca remplace le tabac, mais gratte beaucoup trop la gorge à mon goût.


    witte lotus
    deze is zeer lekker om een thee van te trekken , lekker zoete smaak en werkt ontspannend


    Katzenminze kann man sehr gut allein als Tabak-Ersatz, oder in Verbindung mit anderen Rauchsubstanzen, wie Greengo oder Lotus mischen. Es schmeckt tatsächlich etwas nach Minze beim rauchen. Ein Tee schmeckt sehr nach Wasser auf normalem Grass aufgegossen.

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