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White Lotus (20 Grams)

 4/5 (61)

    white lotus
    fra tutti il mio preferito , un decotto davvero buono.


    Voor mij geen enkel effect.


    Very good


    Produits parfait en tisane et à fumer aussi il calme bien


    Powerful stuff
    Excellent product and the same can be said for the customer service. Fun times . Highly recommend


    Better than blue lotus
    I think this type of lotus is very good and even better than the blue one. I have never tried the pink lotus, but I know it has some effects too and I would like to try it some day. I smoked and I also drank this white lotus, and the effects was very pleasant. I think it could be useful before going to bed, or as a substitute for something else. I enjoy the effects it has in the crotch, it makes my balls sizzling and I have a little erectile dysfunction due to some medication I used to take, so very good product indeed from my point of view. The taste is not very pleasant when u drink it, I agree with the others, but when I smoke it with added lavender its just fine. I also add a little blue lotus, I don't know if its better with or without, but I'm about to find something else like marshmallow leaf perhaps...


    wirkt auf mich nicht wirklich
    hab den lotus geraucht, als tee getrunken und in wein eingelegt.. beim lotuswein konnte ich eine sehr leichte subtile wirkung feststellen, die aber auch vom wein kommen könnte, da ich nie alkohol trinke und somit auch eine geringe toleranz habe


    Super um ruhig zu schlafen
    Wirkung: Super eeholsamer Schlaf, schnelle Müdigkeit. Keine Nachwehen am nächsten Morgen.


    didn't like the flavour
    it didn't work very well to me and the flavour isn't good


    Yup , pretty good!

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