Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea


Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is first mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead; blue and white lotuses were the most important ritual plants in ancient Egypt. The flowers were worn in the hair of the living and the dead, and were an important ornamental element in Egyptian art.

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Blue Lotus | Nymphaea caerulea | Dried

Originally Blue Lotus (actually a water lily) grew only in the Nile delta, an exclusivity that led to its decline to the point of disappearance. Thanks to seed merchants and a re-discovered psychoactivity, it is now grown around the world by professionals and amateurs. Dosages of 5 to 10 grams of the flowers induces slight stimulation, a shift in thought processes, enhanced visual perception, and mild closed-eye visuals. Effects dissipate quickly after 2 hours.

A pack contains 10 grams of dried blue lotus flowers.


Take 5 grams per person of flowers and soak in hot water. For a traditional Egyptian drink, soak same amount of flowers in a bottle of wine for a few hours. The flowers make the wine bitter, but potent.


Active ingredients unknown, but believed to be various alkaloids.

Weight 10 grams

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Reviews (105)

    Ok, but not to impressed. Medium flavour, hardly any results for me. Results vary from person to person.


    Very nice flavor and smooth taste. It gives you a light body high if you smoke it. I'll try soon to drink it with wine


    Blue magic
    Very nice sedative and relaxing trance like effects. Mild psychedelic, great for flowing along meditative states. Don't smoke too much or in the morning, it will give you a headache. Not a strong psychedelic that will make you journey but combined with cannabis or wine great enhancing feeling.


    buono da fumare
    Buono da fumare, buon sapore e buon profumo, non sono ancora riuscito ad assaggiarlo macerato nel vino ma leggendo un passo di un libro di Samorini ho saputo che si può mangiare mescolato a miele o yogurt, e che così ha anche proprietà psicoattive. Presto o tardi lo proverò nel vino.


    Effets agréables
    J'ai essayé d'en fumer mais le goût est trop fort pour moi. En revanche au vaporisateur c'est pas si mal, il faudrait que je teste en infusion!


    très légers
    j'ai bus avec ma femme une grande tasse chacun , on n'a ressenti aucun effet , le gout et très amer si tu en mais beaucoup . je ne conseil pas ce produit, peut être le mélange comme conseiller avec de l'alcool ? pour moi sa reste juste du thé .


    Very Good
    Even better than expected, do it in the right combination and your wishes will fulfill!


    Nothing too interesting
    I'm afraid this one was more of a dud. I tried both tea and wine method with 7.5 and 10 grams respectively and barely felt a thing. Smoking was a little different. 1 gram did leave me with a stoned, lazy feeling. No visuals or any kind of weird psychedelic effects, just relaxing. The taste is also not so great and the smoke is pretty harsh. It was worth a try but the journey continues.


    Nicht der Rede wert
    Nichts Bemerkenswertes bemerkt, braucht man nicht.


    La Zen attitude c'est d'attendre les effets patiemment, longuement, voire éternellement... Testé en mélange: aucun effet mais peut avantageusement remplacer du tabac pour ceux qui n'aiment pas les substituts qui ont goût d'eucalyptus. Testé pur en vaporisateur: crâne lézardé par les maux de tête...

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Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea
Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea