Why Magic Mushrooms Make You Feel Good
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Why Magic Mushrooms Make You Feel Good

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Already our ancestors have known that psilocybin mushrooms create positive change, but no one has understood why. Modern science is now presenting a mechanism that explains how it works.

The proof is in, and the natural fungus has been proven to provide serious emotional relief. Researchers at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich confirm that mushrooms swiftly act to make users feel good in a variety of helpful ways. The study, titled „Psilocybin-Induced Decrease in Amygdala Reactivity Correlates with Enhanced Positive Mood in Healthy Volunteers“, found that psilocybin interacts with the region of the brain known as the amygdala, which is key to human awareness and its emotional apparatus. Malfunctioning that occurs within the amygdala can cause a series of emotional disorders. Surprisingly, mushrooms directly interact with this section of the brain to prevent harmful feelings from running amok. Psilocybin, the main active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety by halting the overproduction of negative feelings. It effectively inhibits the processing of negative emotions, thereby elevating the state of mind.

An overactive amygdala automatically reacts to stimulation by using neurons to send negative signals that override any positive ones. Interestingly, psilocybin can intervene by stimulating activity in serotonin production and reception. This essential messenger is responsible for sensations of well-being, elation and calm, as well as managing a range of other bodily functions. The extra sensitivity to serotonin counters the effects of anxiety being caused by an unbalanced limbic system.

The Doses

Regardless of the amount administered, all test subjects experienced positive changes. The beneficial transformations in brain structure were captured using advanced MRI scan technology, which means that the evidence cannot be denied. Even tiny doses generated life-changing results for the better. Interestingly, only patients that were provided extremely high levels of psilocybin noted any negative experiences, and the problems were only temporary before they also reported positive shifts in their daily life.

Volunteers that tried the maximum dosage were six times more likely to go through a psychological struggle, but they were also in the group that was most prone to spiritual breakthroughs. After a single ingestion, every member of the trial displayed observable improvements in the realms of mood, sociability and overall enjoyment of life. These trends were documented by close family and acquaintances.

The Impact

Instilling balance in the limbic parts of the brain allows psilocybin to directly change stagnant ways of thinking. The substance grants clarity for calmly assessing topics that would otherwise be emotionally devastating. Heavy thoughts can be processed without triggering any associated pitfalls of mental pain or emotional trauma. Anguish subsides to be replaced by reason and lucid levity. All around, overall well-being can be increased by partaking in a single interaction with psilocybin. Semi-regular experiences can lead to further growth and self-discovery.

Exploring new ways of connecting with mysticism opens people to a transcendence that was formerly off limits. Spiritualists have used mushrooms to enhance meditations for centuries, and Western science is finally catching up. Every revelation can be immediately applied to generate real progress. All kinds of existential questions can be peacefully answered by the unemotional viewpoints that mushrooms enshrine. Ultimately, users arrive at a peak that consists of knowing oneself in a truly undiluted sense. This pure acceptance of one’s own being only leads to good feelings and mental healing.

The Potential

Everyone that participated in this study was screened and found to be perfectly healthy, but participants still witnessed tremendous boosts in their own wellness. This means that people with certain psychological struggles could probably receive even more assistance from mushrooms. Many forms of emotional disorders are connected to poor functioning of the amygdala, which means psilocybin might be able to correct a wide array of mood disorders and disabilities.

John Hopkins conducted the original study cited in this report, and the team declares that this is only the tip of the iceberg. They expect many more fruitful results from their analysis to be released in the short-term future. The latest findings give every indication that this is merely the beginning. Their top team is offering hope for mitigating the traumatic awareness of death within cancer patients and other terminally ill sufferers. Furthermore, the substance is being linked to recovery for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it is also being tested as a promising cure for nicotine addiction.

The Risks

Believe it or not, there are no significant hazards associated with mushrooms other than their legal status. When it comes to their effects on the mind and body, only positive changes have been recognized. The two biggest concerns for patients trying mushrooms are finding safe access and having a comfortable environment. If these two requirements can be met, then it is time to explore a new avenue of healing.

This is not to say that there won’t be any downfalls. Many users report an uneasy transition, but the lasting benefits will dramatically outweigh any momentary discomfort. All trippers should remember that every bit of negativity will soon pass. Overall, there are no instances recorded of the body being directly damaged by mushroom intake. Of course, further evaluation will be necessary to determine all of the physiological behaviors of psilocybin.

The Future

Even White House officials have acknowledged the advantages unearthed by this research. This bodes well for the fate of medical mushroom legislation, especially if they can be proven to assist ailing war veterans and cancer patients. Culturally, the public perception has shifted far from where it stood when the Drug War was initiated over forty years ago. The hysterical pandemic surrounding psychedelics has been dispelled by steady academic research. Combined, all of this means that there will be no legitimate reason to maintain a federal ban on psilocybin.

If the next batch of studies is as productive as the current round, then legalization for medical purposes could be just around the corner. As Colorado has shown with their evolving marijuana stance, this is invariably the first step in cultivating a slippery slope towards full-blown decriminalization and recreational access. This is something everyone can feel good about.

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