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Fancy going on a mind expanding holiday? Here are the top ten places to do it!

Although many drugs have been made illegal by the governments of the world, their use is something that is strongly embedded within both human history and culture. Mind altering drugs have been used for thousands of years as part religious, medical, spiritual and recreational practices. Even though many of these once revered drugs are now illegal, current trends would suggest if anything, they are becoming more popular, despite the punishments that now go with their possession.

With so many different varieties of drugs out there, each having their own spiritual and cultural significance, and each altering the mind and body in different ways, it is no surprise that there is a growing amount of drug related tourism across the globe. With this in mind, here are our top 10 places to trip.

Amsterdam – Cannabis

It goes without saying really. If you want to experience cannabis culture at its finest, then Amsterdam is currently the place to go. There are plenty of coffeeshops, all with a different ambiance, selection of weed, and experience to offer. It is a Mecca for cannabis connoisseurs, and a place of regular pilgrimage for pot lovers the world over. It’s not just the coffeeshops though that create this draw, the liberal lifestyle, beautiful architecture, stunning canals, and green, open parks make Amsterdam the ideal place to be high in.

Iquitos, Peru – Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a DMT containing psychedelic brew that has been skyrocketing in popularity recently – especially amongst young globetrotting backpackers looking to see the world. Iquitos in Peru is the heart of the Peruvian Ayahuasca scene, and is the place to go if you are looking to take part in some real, traditional ayahuasca rituals.

Bali, Indonesia – Magic Mushrooms

There are very few places in the world where magic mushrooms are legal, but fortunately, the beautiful Bali is one of them. The actual legal status of magic mushrooms here is a bit hazy, but they are not considered to be ‘illegal’ and can be purchased from many well established and reputable shops. Considering the perfect weather, laid-back atmosphere, and absolutely stunning scenery, we can think of no better place to go if you want to take you mind on a magical mushroom journey.

Gabon, Africa – Iboga

Iboga is a hallucinogen that is able to distort perceptions of both sight and sound, and if you want to take it, there is no better place than Gabon in Africa. Located on the West coast of Central Africa, Gabon has seen the spiritual and ritualistic use of iboga for centuries. It is used to strengthen community bonds, and explore spirituality, allowing for internal growth and understanding. It is Bwiti shaman you need to seek out should you want to try this psychoactive substance for yourself, should they wish to, they will help guide you on your spiritual journey.

Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru – A Place For Reflection

The sacred valley in Peru is a place of spirituality, history and beauty. With ample historical sites to explore, traditional culture to immerse yourself in, and lush green surrounds to behold, the sacred valley is a great place to stop over and explore the depths our your soul with traditional entheogenic rituals. Particularly the cactus is held in high esteem here.

Oaxaca, Mexico – Home To María Sabina,

If you are looking for a place of historical and cultural significance to take magic mushrooms, then Oaxaca in Mexico may be the place. It was home to María Sabina, a shaman who became famous for the cultivation and ceremonial use of magic mushrooms to help those around her. She was visited by, and tripped with, the revered Albert Hoffman – the discoverer of LSD; and is highly regard for putting Oaxaca on the drug map.

However, that is not all that is going on here, thanks to the areas reputation, ground-breaking work into mycology is now being conducted here. With cultivation, education and research into magic mushrooms being spearheaded in the region - continuing the essence of María Sabina’s work.

Goa, India – For A Thriving Rave Scene

Goa has been a place for partying ever since it established itself as a tropical party paradise in the 60’s. Its party ethic still persists strongly to this day, and is a popular holiday destination for party drug infused enthusiasts the world over – especially over Christmas and New Year. One of the main draws (other than the beautiful scenery and weather), is the vibrant rave scene, drawing heavily on European inspired electro-trance music, but given a more local Goa twist. If you want to add a more spiritualistic, mystical edge to your party pill popping, than this is the place to do it.

La Paz, Bolivia – Coca

Coca is the plant cocaine is made from, and it is deeply ingrained in Bolivian culture. Although cocaine is made from coca, to say they are the same thing is a very misguided statement. As the locals say, it would be like saying grapes are the same thing as wine, and as such, Bolivians will chew on coca with a matter of pride. When chewed in its raw form, coca creates a mild mental stimulation. However, unfortunately for those who would not like coca to be associated with cocaine, La Paz is situated in a region ideal for the production of cocaine, and as such, has seen the creation of some of the world’s first cocaine bars.

Morocco – The Home Of Hashish

The Rif Mountains of Morocco hold a hidden gem, nestled within its many caves is a hashish wonderland. Hashish, known as “kif” to the locals, holds a deep significance in the surrounding Berber culture and lifestyle, and remains constant to this day, despite government attempts to stamp it out. As such, this area of Morocco is regarded as producing some of the best hashish in the world – and it is no wonder really, as locals tend to use very laborious and rigorous production methods.

Many feel hashish induces a high that marijuana just cannot match, permeating the upper echelons of the mind, and creating a complete feeling of weightlessness and spiritual contentedness. When you combine this with the sheer quality of Moroccan hashish, and the relaxing, sprawling cave networks to smoke in (that many of the Berber call home), you get the ultimate and comprehensive Moroccan hashish experience – as it was truly meant to be.

Portugal - A Place For Anything!

Although the production and sale of drugs remains illegal here, and there are no legitimate outlets for the purchase of drugs (so be careful), all drugs have been decriminalized when held individually (you can only hold one type of drug) and in small amounts. This makes it a great location for a bit of relaxing, sightseeing, and general recreational drug use. Just be sure to be respectful of the locals, and take drugs safely.

With these locations in hand, you should be set up for a globetrotting, mind expanding adventure. Irrespective if you are just looking for one destination to visit as a break from work, or are spending a few years submerge yourself in the cultures of the world, these are all places worth visiting. Of course, they are our favorite 10 of many, and there are untold amounts of opportunities to learn, grow and immerse yourself in the spiritual and drug related practices of the world - just remember to be safe, both whilst sober and high. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy yourself!

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