The Surprising Benefits Of Blue Lotus

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Blue Lotus

See what the ancient Egyptians used as a daily supplement. Blue Lotus is a plant known to stimulate euphoria, while also relieving stress. Find out more about this amazing, mildly psychoactive species.

Many people search for natural ways to alleviate stress and bring balance back into their lives. More often these days, individuals look toward organic remedies and supplements to help their minds and bodies. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) benefits the various parts of self, from its health potential to its applications as a beauty product.

The Blue Lotus plant has an extended and rich history. Regularly used in ancient Egypt, this plant was consumed for an assortment of reasons. The Egyptians would add the Blue Lotus flower to their wine as an aphrodisiac, due to its mild psychoactive effects. Or, they would drink it to relax and unwind, initiating calm and peace of mind.


Common Effects

Individuals who partake in the Blue Lotus flower have noted an increase in interconnectivity to all things and an enjoyment of others. Depending on the size of the dosage and if there are any other mind-altering substances involved, most people claim Blue Lotus to be a mild sedative with euphoric effects. It is considered to be a mild and delicate experience with a soft, moderate duration.

The reason people believe this plant to have the aforementioned effects is because it bolsters the health of the circulatory system. Since blood flows better throughout the body, the mind feels sharper. The improved circulation also contributes to Blue Lotus’ aphrodisiac properties by increasing blood flow throughout the body.



The Blue Lotus is rooted deep in history, dating back to ancient Egypt. It is considered a central part of the Egyptian culture due to its etching on wall paintings and even in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Many have thought that the Blue Lotus plant makes them more in touch with themselves and what is happening around them. People express more awareness of their emotions; also, a strengthened connection to their spirituality. Because of these effects, some individuals argue that Blue Lotus can contribute to a decrease in stress and anxiety.



The Egyptians believe another reason to use the Blue Lotus is as a health supplement. It has been noted that upon consumption, there can be a reduction in inflammation and pain. The flower has been used to help manage a variety of ailments. When taking this herb, the spectrum of positive affects ranges. Many use the botanical supplement as a general, daily addition to their regime when dealing with serious illnesses like arthritis and cancer.


Another fantastic reason to ingest the Blue Lotus flower on a daily basis is to keep the body refreshed and rejuvenated. It is considered a powerful antioxidant because it contains nuciferine, lotusine, neferin and demethyl coclaurine. These particular antioxidants help increase blood flow and may help prevent such illnesses as cardiovascular disease and stroke.


Vibrant Hair

Looking for something helpful for health and beauty? Blue Lotus can also assist as an enhancer for hair. The flower produces oil that helps the body increase its melanin levels. This averts sun damage and prevents hair from greying prematurely.

If fighting brittle and limp hair, this flower also creates volume and strength. People decrease damage to hair follicles by using Blue Lotus in their regular beauty routines.

This flower has been assisting individuals in living healthier since ancient Egypt. One of the most important plants to the Egyptian culture, Blue Lotus can be used as a health supplement for a number of reasons from increasing blood flow to boosting sexual desire and stimulating healthy hair. Relax and regain clarity by taking the Blue Lotus supplement everyday.

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