How shrooms helped me quit daily (and abusive) drinking

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How shrooms helped me quit daily (and abusive) drinking

First of all, lemme introduce myself, my name is Ralph and I am a real veteran when it comes to tripping on magic mushrooms - I started my visits to the "inner world" or "other side" when i was [...]

First of all, lemme introduce myself, my name is Ralph and I am a real veteran when it comes to tripping on magic mushrooms - I started my visits to the "inner world" or "other side" when i was barely 17 (that was 30 years ago) and I really appreciate the magic these shrooms do. I am a natural born jester, a clown, a happy person and always tried to have a "bad" or "horror" trip, but no matter how hard I tried (I love watching splatter/slasher/horror movies when I am on Psylos - but in real life I am a very polite and funny person - sounds schizo? well, then I am a happy and successful schizo with a great creative job), I simply never found anything scary in tripping - rather the opposite. I always felt good and somehow full of energy after a good trip on the weekend (a great way to unhitch from the stress of the daily in and out, not to mention the funny hallucinations).

One day I simply stopped tripping ... I had grown up to a very stable person with clear goals and whatever I did, it was great and life was a walk of pie. Until one day ...

Shortly after my mid 30s life took a sudden turn and the grim reaper took my gorgeous female soul-mate with him. I was ... out of life - devastated, petrified, paralyzed and bare any prospect ... alcohol became my daily companion for a long time (almost a decade!) and all I wanted was ... to quit life. My work went down the drain and so did I ...

And then came the day, I was standing at the street, looked to left, looked to the right - and realized I had already forgotten what I had seen (or not) when I had looked to the left. I was shocked. But somehow, that strange feeling ...

I remembered my days on shrooms and acid ... I have to mention, my daily consumption of beer was at up at FIVE liters per day back then! Well, I ordered 2 grow-kits of B+ (because I wanted to BE POSITIVE again) to see if I could get back on track with my beloved spiritual comrades ...

Within a few weeks I had a good pile of dry mushies and waited for the right day to come ... When my mood wasn't THAT bad I would pop in 3.5-4 grams (sober!). The onset of the first trip was slightly uncomfortable, mind you, I was highly depressive, but it developed nicely and other than in my teenage years I had no hallucinations, but the shrooms seemed to "focus" on my main problem - bad (and self-destructive) thoughts. Surely not a "funny" trip, but rather an excursus in a white squall of unsorted thoughts - but after about 2 hrs it seemed as if I had reached a shore to rest. I remembered beautiful moments with my soul-mate (I must admit, I have been crying out loud badly, because there where moments I had drowned in beer in the past). OK, what reads like a bad trip, had a very positive effect to me - those old memories were like golden trophies and with every new trip I felt better, collecting more and more positive energy. On a side-note: since alcohol has no effect when tripping, I didn't drink any alcoholic beverages during my "sessions". After 5-6 trips I dared to go on cold turkey (100% withdrawal at 0% medicinal support or supervision) and to my surprise, I had NO trembling fingers, no shaky knees, no withdrawal symptoms at ALL! Asking my doc about the missing symptoms he'd replied "Well, one or maybe two in 100.000 have no such symptoms". Phew, lucky me - the weeks went by and after six weeks without a drop of alcohol (and two more trips) I was back on track. No more wild thoughts about quitting life, but a newly unleashed hunger and lust for life!

And now? I still drink alcohol, but I have come down to a "normal" level of beer consumption (alcohol in general actually)- I work all week long, feel great, am wealthy and only have a few beers (a max of 6) on weekends (and occasionally some shrooms for mental recreation).

With that said, let me ask ... Who said magic mushrooms are a dangerous drug? Most likely the ones who have no f**king damn clue about how to medicate themselves to be happy again. I AM HAPPY AGAIN! Still single though.

Ralph, 47, Germany