High In Paradise: The Magic Mushrooms of Bali
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High In Paradise: The Magic Mushrooms Of Bali

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Fancy getting high in the tropics? Then you need to hit up Bali.

Bali, Indonesia is a world famous holiday destination well known for its scenic views, gorgeous weather, friendly locals, and long sandy beaches. It is a tropical paradise, and is well deserving of such a title. Whilst these are all great, there is a lesser known, but not so hidden secret that brings all of the above together into one ultimate experience – magic mushrooms are legal there.

More precisely, the law is extremely hazy when it comes to mind expanding mushrooms. Psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound of magic mushrooms, is technically illegal when in a pure form. However, psilocybin containing mushrooms are not, and are readily available from reputable shops.

If you want to trip somewhere exotic, we could think of no better place. Just imagine immersing yourself into the local surroundings, taking in the breath-taking views and relaxing on the sandy beaches…

Not All Mushrooms Are Made Equal

As lovely as it is to jump head first into the first mushrooms you come across, it is worth noting that not all mushrooms sold in Bali, (or Indonesia for that matter) are grown to the same standard. It is not really an official industry, and is certainly not held accountable to any industry standard (that we are aware of). For this reason, if you plan to visit, make sure you do some research on where to buy from. And to be sure, do not go looking for your own mushrooms in the wild. This is extremely dangerous, as many dangerous mushrooms look like the safe, psychedelic kind. Always buy them from a source you trust.

Chances are, if you like mushrooms, then you have just found your next holiday destination!

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