ONA Block Odour Neutraliser


Have you noticed unwanted smells in any of your small rooms or closets? Place the ONA Block Odour Neutraliser inside. It'll diffuse terpenes into the environment and eliminate odours with haste.

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Smell:Apple Crumble € 13.95
  • Smell: Apple Crumble € 13.95
  • Smell: Fresh Linen € 13.95
  • Smell: Polar Crystal € 13.95
  • Smell: PRO € 13.95
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Smell: Apple Crumble € 13.95 In stock
Smell: Fresh Linen € 13.95 In stock
Smell: Polar Crystal € 13.95 In stock
Smell: PRO € 13.95 In stock
Smell: Tropics € 13.95 Out of stock
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ONA Block Odour Neutraliser: Eliminates Unwanted Smells Naturally

If you’re dealing with substantially smelly indoor spaces, the ONA Block Odour Neutraliser is the solution. It doesn’t just mask unwanted odours, it entirely neutralises them. The inventor created the block to eliminate suspicious aromas safely. It emits aromatic molecules that bind to odours, removing them from small rooms, closets, and tents.


The ONA Block Odour Neutraliser harnesses several compounds to banish lingering scents. The inventor found that terpenes—aromatic molecules found throughout the plant kingdom—have a profound ability to neutralise odours. He engineered a specific formula designed to smell-proof small areas.

Terpenes do more than just usher out smells. These volatile hydrocarbons increase the oxygen content in an area and boast antibacterial and antifungal properties. They’re capable of fighting airborne bacteria when diffused into the air.

Terpenes work across three mechanisms of action depending on the terpene in question and the molecules it’s up against. Some terps absorb other particles by pulling them in and temporarily binding to them. Others work by the principle of adsorption—they pull in odours and hold them on the surface of a solid. Different terpenes eliminate dank smells via chemical reactions. They bond permanently to other molecules and cancel out their stink.


The founder of ONA is an ex-firefighter, experienced at dealing with all manner of dangerous materials. During his career, he noticed that highly toxic chemicals were commonly being used to control odours. He wanted to fix this.

After some intense research, he realised terpenes were the solution. They are safe to use around people, pets, and plants, and cleanse the air in a non-toxic fashion. It’s not just the block that’s environmentally friendly, the recyclable packaging is too.


The ONA block tackles unwanted smells with speed and ease. All you have to do is open the lid and allow the terpenes to diffuse. If your odour problem is particularly bad, remove the block from its case entirely.

The block is available in five delicious scents: Apple Crumble, PRO, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, and Tropics.

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    very helpful


    Au top dissimule super bien les odeurs vraiment pas déçu de mon achat


    Super neutraliseert mijn plantjes die op de vensterbank staan.

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ONA Block Odour Neutraliser
ONA Block Odour Neutraliser