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Want to get the best out of your pepper seeds? Well, we've got everything you need to ensure your prized peppers flourish to the best of their ability. Stocking everything from specialised fertilisers to heat mats and everything in between, you're simply spoilt for choice when it comes to our wide variety of pepper growing supplies and accessories.

Unsure of where to start when growing pepper plants? Not a problem. We can steer you in the right direction with detailed product information. Whether you're growing outdoors, in a greenhouse, or in a carefully constructed setup under lights, there are undoubtedly products available to aid you on your pepper growing journey. With everything you need in one place, take the time to browse our selection. For more information, consult our chili pepper blog posts, or read through some product reviews from our customers to gain a little more perspective.

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Gardening Gloves (Zamnesia)

Caring for your plants is paramount when it comes to their performance. Whether you've got an extensive cannabis home grow op or you're just taking care of a couple of pepper plants on your windowsill, the fact remains the same. What better way to care for your plants than with a pair of Zamnesia Gardening Gloves? These stylish gloves keep both your hands and plants safe and clean all the...

€ 8,99 € 7,19
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Monster Bud Mix Fertilizer

Monster Bud Mix contains everything your plants require from germination to harvest time. The natural, vegan mix covers all nutritional needs and enhances soil biodiversity.

€ 4,95 € 4,21
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Geotextile Fabric Pot

Keep your plant's roots in pristine condition with this Zamnesia Fabric Pot. The vessel allows air to flow through the sides while keeping the substrate hydrated and moist. The durable material can handle one grow operation after the other.

€ 5,99 € 4,79
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Geotextile Fabric Wall Planter (10L)

These 10L geotextile Wall Planters from Gronest are made from 100% recycled material and are perfect for flowers and plants that love to hang. The fabric has many benefits and it allows for great aeration and run off, leading to healthy roots for your plants. Go vertical and create a garden right on your wall with Gronest's eco-friendly Wall Planters.

€ 7,95 € 6,76
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Smart Start

Smart Start is simply the easiest way of successfully germinating your cannabis seeds, with minimum fuss and maximum success. It consists of a compact tray of 20 tiny pots filled with compost, plus a packet of Stimulator Mix for activating the essential microbial life. Smart Start for optimum germination – just add water and...

€ 6,25 € 5,31
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Pot Markers (Zamnesia) 5 pcs

Cleanliness is next to godliness. When growing several plants of different strains, it is crucial to keep everything well-organized. These pot markers will help you with this task. Write all the required data on them ... date of sowing, strain, required EC-level and so on and you will never confound your precious babies again. Content: 5 pcs. Dimensions: 12 x 4,5cm.

€ 0,95 € 0,76
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Monster Bud Boost Pack

Are your plants in serious need of a pick-me-up? Or are you just looking to give your plants the best start to that crucial flowering stage? We've got you covered. The Monster Bud Boost Pack has the potential to give you some healthy, sweet, and bountiful buds. With so many features of note, let's take a look at what this trio has to offer.

€ 9,95
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Professional Pruning Shears

If you're looking for complete control over unruly plants, or just want to tidy up a few stray branches, the Professional Pruning Shears by Zamnesia are sure to do the trick. These comfortable cutters sit easily in your hand, thanks to a PVC grip, allowing you to precisely clip and chop as you please. They certainly won't slip while you're trimming, no matter the confines of your growing...

€ 12,99
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Latex Gloves

When growing your own magic mushrooms at home, it's important to work as clean as possible. Latex gloves come in real handy at this point. Wear the gloves and clean them with some alcohol and get busy with your experiments. Box contains 100 latex gloves (non-sterile).

€ 14,95 € 13,45
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Plagron Seedbooster Plus

Plagron Seedbooster Plus supports earlier germination and vigorous growth from young cannabis plants. Get your plants booming right from the start with help from Plagron.

€ 20,85 € 17,72
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Plagron Green Sensation

Green Sensation by Plagron provides you with a powerful 4-in-1 fertiliser solution that is as beneficial for your plants as it can get. This way, Green Sensation manages to give you the best-tasting and highest-yielding end product that not only improves the plant's metabolism, but the soil life itself. After trying this superior product, you will never want anything else for your plants!

€ 23,20
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Bud Cutter Bonsai

OK, now you have a huge pile of green nuggets, but that's only half the battle. In order to create a high-quality end product, you have to go the extra mile and cut off the leaflets protruding the buds. And if you want to work as accurately as possible, you need a good work tool for this task. This is what the sharp blades of the Bud Cutter Bonsai are conceived for. Overall length: 15.7cm

€ 8,95
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Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit

The Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit provides the ideal environment for healthy seed germination and young plant growth. Young plants respond to the Seedbooster additive with vibrant early growth.

€ 22,85 € 19,42
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Propagator Pro 2

The Propagator Pro 2 is the best and easiest way for the successful germination of your cannabis seeds. Zamnesia is proud to introduce this latest innovation in growing from seed. The Propagator Pro 2 comes with an in-built thermometer (Fahrenheit and Celsius), 6 LED lights fitted in the lid and small vents for temperature control, plus a small bag of perlite.

€ 21,95 € 18,66
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Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)

Just like you magic mushrooms don't like cold feet - at low temperatures they grow at lower rates and the percentage of aborts can increase significantly. Giving them a little extra care in form of a heat mat translates to faster colonization and fruit-body formation. Instead of cranking up the radiator use this handy small heat mat to provide cosy warmth to your brood.

€ 13,95 € 12,55
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LST Plant Training Clips (Royal Queen Seeds)

The popularity of growing cannabis at home is at an all-time high. And while it's entirely possible to leave your plants to their own devices, you can actually control the way they grow! One way to do so is through the use of LST. Use these Plant Training Clips to maximise productivity, optimise space, and increase mould resistance.

€ 3,00 € 2,55
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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Buddy Pack

Alfalfa fixes nitrogen, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium and can be made into a sprayable tonic that encourages growth in other species of plants including cannabis.

€ 1,49 € 0,67
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Borage (Borago officinalis) Buddy Pack

Borage adds vitamins and minerals to the soil medium as it grows. You will get fat strawberries and fatter buds companion lanting with Borage.

€ 1,49 € 0,67
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Cerastium (Cerastium biebersteinii) Buddy Pack

Quite tough as an edge plant and eager to spread and be a complete ground cover, Cerastium is an ideal choice when planning your organic cannabis garden.

€ 1,49 € 0,67
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Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) Buddy Pack

Hardy and easy to grow or transplant the small and pretty Chamomile plant strengthens growth of neighbouring plants and is an ancient folk medicine.

€ 1,49 € 0,67
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Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) Buddy Pack

Chervil is a shade loving annual that produces umbels of delicate white and pale magenta flowers. Chervil imparts vigour to its neighbouring plants including cannabis and is a useful culinary herb.

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Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Buddy Pack

For thousands of years Coriander has been a medicine of renown and a favourite spice throughout recorded history. Coriander keeps pests at bay and enhances healthy growth of neighbouring species.

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Dill (Anethum graveolens) Buddy Pack

Dill will keep spider mites away from your weed and make you a star in the kitchen. Easy to grow and a good companion to most plants.

€ 1,49 € 0,67
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Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Buddy Pack

A principal therapy in the human apothecary for millenia, lavender doubles as a hardy companion plant that fills the air with a delicious fragrance that attracts bees and other cannabis buddies.

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