Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit


The Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit provides the ideal environment for healthy seed germination and young plant growth. Young plants respond to the Seedbooster additive with vibrant early growth.

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Plagron - Seedbox Germination Kit: Seedlings Will Burst Into Glorious Green Life

The Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit is an ideal miniature greenhouse for starting seeds. The tray has room for twelve seeds in pre-prepared coco germinating plugs, which have a buffered pH value. The kit also includes a 250ml bottle of Plagron Seedbooster and a snug-fitting transparent lid. Use the Seedbooster and water to expand the plugs, then plant your seeds and fit the lid into place. Once sprouted, make sure the seedlings get plenty of light. Following the detailed instruction manual in the box will summon virile and rapidly growing seedlings.

Seedbooster provides an ideal solution for germination, giving infant plants a head start. Early health and vibrant growth means larger root zones quicker and more robust vegetation. Plants that are vigorous from the beginning have larger, more resinous, and aromatic flowers with higher yields in the end.


The Seedbox is easy to use. Simply:

  1. Combine the bottle of Seedbooster with 250ml of warm water and stir gently.
  2. Add the prepared mixture to the tray, being sure to evenly distribute the mix over the germination plugs. Wait until the plugs have fully expanded.
  3. Using clean or gloved hands, place seeds at a depth of 5mm in the central germination holes of the plugs.
  4. Fit the transparent lid on the tray, making sure it is fully sealed. Ensure the edges fit in the two notches inside the tray.
  5. Place the prepared tray in a room with a temperature of 20–24°C
  6. After 1–5 days when seeds have sprouted, lift the lid from its secure position and place slightly askew on the tray lip. This allows for fresh air to enter the environment.
  7. Be sure seedlings get plenty of light.
  8. Once seedlings approach the lid in height and begin to show roots through the germination plugs, transplant to begin proper vegetation.


  • Germination tray and transparent dome cover
  • 12 pre-prepared, pH-buffered coir germination plugs
  • 250ml bottle of Seedbooster
  • How-to manual in 12 languages


Once plants begin vegetating and require nutrients, Green Sensation by Plagron is an additive that will boost overall plant performance. The unique makeup of Green Sensation is a 4-in-1 nutrient enhancement. When used in conjunction with your nutrient selection, it augments plant metabolism throughout the grow and increases flower quality and yield. Substrate and soil quality are improved, and up to 50% less nutrients will be required. Using Green Sensation eliminates the need for adding enzymes, boosters, and PK fertilisers, and is safe for organic grows.

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Reviews (41)

    Sehr gut
    Alles Top, Samen lassen sich gut keimen,


    kein schnelleres Keimen feststellbat
    Ein schnelleres Keimen habe ich nicht feststellen können.


    Top Aufzucht set
    Top Set alle Samen sind in sehr kurzer Zeit aufgegangen


    Petit champignon
    Au bout de 2 jours plein de petit champignon blanc sur les kit de démarrage ? a voir


    Bester Ort zum keimen
    Kann ich sehr empfehlen. Hat bei mir echt super geklappt


    Extrêmement efficace… presque infaillible
    Sur 3 expériences avec ce kit, j'obtiens un résultat positif à environ 90% (et évidemment pour ce qui est des 10% avortés, les graines peuvent être en cause, non le produit lui-même). Je ne vois rien à ajouter, si ce n'est que je compte continuer avec ce kit à l'avenir, pour cette phase délicate.


    cheap and simple, small problems with the net around it
    easy to use, however not all roots can pierce the paper net around the turf.


    Seeds box


    Nickel à 100%100
    Franchement sur 12graine les 12 on germer je comprends pas pourquoi il y'a des gens qui se plaine de se produit il est parfait merci zamnesia


    Sehr gut
    Tolle Seed box, alle Samen sind gekeimt

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Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit
Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit
Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit
Plagron Seedbox Germination Kit