Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Buddy Pack


Red Clover is a well respected companion plant on the farm and in the backyard. Fixing atmospheric nitrogen for slow release later is its speciality while creating a carpet of living mulch.

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Cannabis loves nitrogen, clover makes nitrogen. A companion planting ideal marriage.


Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) like its cousins, is a premiere companion plant as it fixes atmospheric nitrogen in root nodules that is released into the soil when the plant decays. Neighbouring plants boom on this boost of readily available organic nitrogen. If you trim Red Clover back a number of times as it grows it will supply a ready coating of green manure. Trimming when the flower heads appear on their stalks guarantees spreading seed for next year.

Honeybees, butterflies and other beneficial pollen feeders and gatherers are attracted to a carpet of clover, but its true value is in nitrogen fixing and acting as a living mulch. Red Clover is not a big fan of being potted on so sow directly in the garden in mid spring and water in. Seedlings will appear after 10-14 days and will need to be thinned out or simply play clover gladiators and let the week plants be strangled out and the strongest survive.

Clover is a great companion plant for the pro and novice grower. It is robust and easy to grow and grasses especially respond with vigorous health when grown with clover. Its intricate root mat helps keep soil friable so water penetrates evenly and is retained longer while the dense canopy keeps soil cool through your whole garden.

CONTENTS: 0.50 grams

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Reviews (7)

    vrolijke bloemetjes
    fijne groeier


    Quick to germinate and start to grow


    Trébol rojo
    Acabo de plantarlo


    Buddy Packs


    Goede kwaliteit
    Ik raad iedereen aan om ook deze gezelschap planten tussen zijn wietplanten te zetten.


    cheaper than traditional grow shop


    for all those great gardeners
    when you know it ;)

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Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Buddy Pack
Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Buddy Pack