The Weezy Charcoal Filters


The Weezy charcoal filter box with 20 replacement activated charcoal filters.

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E-njoint - Weezy Charcoal Filters: 20 Replacement Filters

After about 10 smoking sessions with your Weezy, you should replace the activated charcoal filter in the mouthpiece for a clean and pure smoke. The Weezy charcoal filter box contains 20 replacement activated charcoal filters.

Length 27mm
Diameter 6mm
Number of pieces per unit 20
Type Tips and Filters
Brand Miscellaneous

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Reviews (3)

    Small caliber
    Small caliber filters sometimes can cause joints does not have enough air flux


    For people who care for their health at all
    Understandably the company has to take profit from something, and the Weezy itself being so well manufactured for it's price, this sems to be it. Still, 3 cents per session is not huge, considering no rollingpaper or filter costs, and use is much quicker than rolling a joint. As far as the filter itself, they do last between 8 and 10 sessions/pods, depending how sticky the weed is; the stickier the weed, the faster the filter seems to "fill up". My high end brand White Widow clogs it in 6-8, others usually around 10 sessions/pods. The filtering ability is incredible, almost feels like nothing is coming through compared to a joint(high is all there). It is possible to use these in joints, just maybe make sure not to smoke too close to the filter, as not to heat the charcoal. Personally I find the idea of salvaging filters from joint butts a bit too "street", so for me the price per session would jump to 30 cents, which is definitely too much. Used as intended, 3 cents is definitely not too much, especially due to the benefit of much smaller risk of lung problems and conditions. My health is definitely worth 3 cents per session.


    Machen ihre Arbeit ganz schmeckt, wenn sie gewechselt werden müssen..

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The Weezy Charcoal Filters
The Weezy Charcoal Filters