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The Weezy makes toking nice and easy! The Weezy is an aluminium pipe with an activated charcoal filter. Simply load with the reusable Jack-Pod capsules filled with your fresh herb, and enjoy! With The Weezy, you always get the best taste since you only smoke the best part of your herb. The device fits nicely in your pockets, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

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E-njoint: The Weezy Jack-Pod System - Always The Freshest Flavour

Every cannabis lover knows the routine: You grind up some nice herb and sprinkle it on your paper. You spend some time rolling, filling, and licking before you’ve finished your cone-shaped friend. You light up your joint and take a few puffs, only for the flame to quickly die out. Now you have to light up again, and the cycle continues.

Moreover, only a small portion of the herb you roll into a smoke will taste fresh, around the first 0.2g or so. The rest of your flower will take on an “ashtray taste” since the smoke is running through it. The worst part will be the last two-thirds of your smoke.

Here is the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way! You can now enjoy a fresh hit every single time you light up. The secret here is to only smoke that nice "first part” of your weed. And with The Weezy, you can do just that, plus a whole bunch of other cool stuff.


The Weezy and Jack-Pod system were developed to help users encapsulate the freshest part of the pot-smoking experience—literally. Just fill your Jack-Pod with your herb, unscrew the top of your Weezy, drop the pod in, screw the top back on, and light up! There are your fresh puffs, each and every time!

Not only does The Weezy deliver on freshness, it also has an activated charcoal filter in the mouthpiece for an even smoother and purer experience!

When you’re done enjoying your super-smooth and fresh herb, you can just screw the lid back on and put The Weezy into the storage tube, together with some pre-loaded Jack-Pods for next time. This way, you can safely store The Weezy and your fresh herb in a portable, odour-proof container. Just try that with a joint...


  • The Weezy has a length of 9.2cm and weighs around 63 grams, so it fits easily in most pockets.
  • Features patented cone-shaped design that fits nicely in the hands. You can also stand The Weezy on your table without it falling over.
  • Comes with one reusable Jack-Pod that holds about 0.2g of herbs, depending on how finely you grind it.
  • Features a mouthpiece with a replaceable activated charcoal filter for a smooth and clean smoke.
  • Very easy to use: Just drop in a Jack-Pod and light up. No endless rolling and licking of papers required!
  • Nice and stealthy: The Weezy storage tube is odour-free.
  • Features a little compartment under the Jack-Pod that can hold a Boost-It Pod to enjoy liquid concentrates. You can even fill the Boost-It Pod with ordinary e-liquids to give your weed some extra flavour! How about some berry essence with your favourite herbal medicine? Try it out!


  1. Take your Weezy out of the storage tube by squeezing the sides at the top. You’ll hear a pop, and then you can just slide The Weezy out.
  2. Now, screw off the top of The Weezy and pop in a loaded Jack-Pod. Screw the lid back on and you’re ready to go!
  3. Put the mouthpiece of The Weezy to your lips. Hold the flame of your lighter in front of the other end of The Weezy; inhale. Enjoy your super-easy, clean, and pure taste!
  4. After a few small tokes, let the Jack-Pod cool off and flip it around. This way, you can get the best flavour, and can make sure that you burn the whole contents evenly.
  5. After about 6–10 sessions, it is recommended that you change the filter in the mouthpiece. Just screw off the mouthpiece and replace the filter. How often you change it will depend on the material you’re smoking.
  6. When you’re done smoking, empty the reusable Jack-Pod or dispose of the disposable pods.
Length 102mm
Weight 21gr
Pipe Material Metal
Pipe Size 10-19cm

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Reviews (14)

    Darauf hat jeder Kiffer gewartet
    Da es ja leider immer noch Länder geben soll wo das Konsumieren unter Straffe steht und nur harte Drogen wie Alkerhol erlaubt sind. Anonym paar Züge und Wegstrecken. Durch die Kapsel richt man nichts (kommt drauf an wie sehr dein Grass rich) Geht auch mit Tabakmischung, nur nicht zu sehr komprimieren. Habe mir Weezy angeschafft um auch Mal unterwegs 1 bis 3 Züge zu genehmigen. Ein muss für Länder wo Idioten weiche Drogen verteufeln und Harte Drogen (Alkerhol) fördern .


    Excellent bit of kit, I'm very happy. Good for those that like to toke on the go/in public it's good, take out, have a hit or three back in the tube before anyone in non the wiser. Jackpot baby. And with the Jack pods to take pre loaded capsules so you will have enough for a session or 10. Highly recommended.


    Well made item very handy and discreet


    Bon produit dans l'ensemble. Chambre de stockage assez petite malheureusement et fastidieuse à remplir mais agréable à fumer. Le vrai bémol réside dans les filtres, ils sont assez petits, plus petits que toutes les autres marques de filtres à charbon expressément pour que l'on achète que leur marque qui n'est pas la moins chère. (heureusement les filtres ne sont pas indispensables)


    Good but
    Nice and affordable pipe, but the combustion chamber sounds too small to me (needs a refill very quickly), and an ashes extraction tool would have been nice.


    The other reviews weren't exaggerating, it's brilliant. This product feels and functions much better than one would expect from something as reasonably priced. Everything about it feels like it's going to last for years. Definitely worth at least a try, you might like this better than joints, like I do, as my throat gets irritated very easily normally. I can inhale much more smoke with this without coughing. Smoothness is about even with a percolator bong, but taste is much, much better. Filters are a bit pricey, but that's practically the only cost, except cleaning alcohol to rinse it regularly (cheap and very quick). Only downside of it is the weight, which makes it too heavy to hold with just one's lips. Can't get a sturdy and lightweight without using titanium, and then this would probably be over 30€...


    Just perfect
    De Weezy is een ideaal pijpje, vul vooraf je containertjes, geen gedoe met rollen of tabak.. pure weed in de container en roken maar! Gooi achteraf je gebruikte containertjes in de vuilnisbak. Goeie tip; vervang op tijd je charcoal filter in de pijp!


    Die weezy ist leicht und lecker im Geschmack und mit den mehrweg pods auch super einfach in der Anwendung...für Nichtraucher oder nikotinfreie Genießer eine super Alternative...


    bella e funzionale
    alla mia prima esperienza con una pipa in metallo sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso dalla qualità costruttiva della pipa e anche fumare risulta molto piacevole quindi per me e' un ottimo acquisto... l'unica cosa avrei apprezzato i pod un po piu' grandi ma va bene lo stesso


    Great but if kit
    Perfect for when you just want a quick hit and don’t want to leave a J in your ashtray and you get a nice hit from it

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The Weezy
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