Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)


The "monstrose" version of the Bolivian Torch (Echinopsis lageniformis) is a special cactus, also called the "Penis Plant". "Monstrose" signifies that this is a mutated form of the original cactus, in this instance the Bolivian Torch. A mutant cactus grows into an abnormal shape and therefore can take on a divergent form compared to cacti of the same species. Each cutting is 25-30cm long.

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Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose': A mutant from the Echinopsis lageniformis cactus

The "monstrose" version of the Bolivian Torch (Echinopsis lageniformis a.k.a. Trichocereus bridgesii), a fast-growing, light green, columnar cactus which can be found the high deserts of Bolivia. "Monstrose" is an alternative spelling of monstrous and indicates that this mutant has a totally different, abnormal growth structure than the regular ones. It is also known as the "penis plant" or "penis cactus" and its appearance indeed resembles the look of a grown man's penis (except that it is green and has no glans). The Germans call this strain "Frauenglück", which translates to "women's joy" (and most women will giggle when they spot this green mutant dick).

While the regular Bolivian Torch grows with the typical columns, this monstrous version forms a short stem section that branches diligently and forms a low thorny bush - with very few thorns and only hints of columns. The part above this "bush" transitions into a smooth and spineless cylindric shape, ending in a rounded top. And it is this unusual form that makes this mutant so highly sought after. This mutated version has a slower growth than the normal Bolivian Torch, but mescaline levels higher than those of the San Pedro cactus.


The Bolivian Torch, including the "monstrose" version, contains the well researched alkaloid mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine), a psychoactive alkaloid with potent mind-altering effects. Users of mescaline report that they experienced very strong visual effects, an expanded and/or totally altered consciousness of themselves and awareness of the world surrounding them, accompanied by feelings of euphoria and being connected to mother nature. 0.3-0.4. gram of pure mescaline are absolutely sufficient for a "normal" trip, PURE, mind you, not plant material. Consuming the flesh of mescaline cacti can and will cause heavy - we don't want to whitewash it - puking. Shamanic users see this as a positive experience, it cleans the body from any influence that might affect the experience on the visionary trip. Be clever, try to not eat at least six hours before the planed mescaline trip - this will help you keep the buttons to yourself for longer and you won't have much to bring up when your tummy revolts.

How To Dose Mescaline Cacti Properly

Cultivating the Bolivian Torch "monstrose"

Now the cultivation of Bolivian Torch "monstrose" at home is easy as pie, because the cuttings of the Bolivian Torch "monstrose" we offer are fresh and exclusively taken from healthy specimen, BUT, do not use standard soil for indoor plants when cultivating cacti, because those usually do not contain the correct ratio of nutrients.Place the cutting in special cactus soil and soon the first tiny roots will appear and continue to grow, as if the cactus had always been hosted by that pot.

The best way to water the cactus is from below, so a pot with a punctured base is obviously the best choice to plant the cactus in. Put the pot in a shallow tray, fill the tray with water and the cactus will take up what it needs - and it does not need much and what it really does NOT need is a shower (remember, this is a desert plant). Once a week a sip of water is enough in spring and autumn and in the winter time it is satisfied with a watering every 2-3 weeks (everybody is slow in winter and so are the cacti), but when the summer has come, you should water the cactus 3-5 times a week.

In the first month you should keep the cutting in a shady spot, to allow for the cactus to get used to its new environment and to develop a new and healthy root system. In the first 2-3 weeks there is no need to water the cutting at all.

Name change: From Trichocereus to Echinopsis

The botanical name "Trichocereus bridgesii" for the Bolivian Torch cactus has recently changed to "Echinopsis lageniformis" due to a new classification for the cactus species coming into effect. Trichocereus bridgesii is one of the lesser known mescaline cacti (except in its natural habitat, for example in and around the area of La Paz in Bolivia) and it will probably take a while before the word spreads and people call it Echinopsis lageniformis.

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    Healthy penis
    The cactus arrived very quick as with all my previous orders from Zamnesia. The cutting was healthy and started to root about a week after being put in soil. I can not speak about it's potency. Maybe in a future review.


    Nice cactus
    Beautiful monstrose cactus arrived in good shape. Rooted quite quickly.


    Nice cut
    Hello, beautiful plant,good health. Quick delivery. I am very happy with it. Zamnesia, Where are they coming from?


    Very healthy and beautifull cutting!!!
    Very healthy and adorable cutting, it is the same with the picture and more beautiful ,amazing colors the skin of the cacti, very hard cutting, all the cacti that I have bought from Zamnesia have excellent condition!!!

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    Schöner Kaktus
    Es ist wie jedes Mal eine sehr gute Qualität, gesund, kräftig und schön. Hoffe dass er noch gut anwurzelt und prächtig gedeiht...Danke Zamnesia!


    Top of the top
    As usual with Zamnesia, a great product ! I recommend them for sure.


    Very nice
    Blended and almost boiled, 2.5 hours. I felt very high, really, but the visuals were weak. Maybe a higher dosage could do the trick. I saved a very small part at the top, let it dry and put it on dirt. Be patience, it takes a while to take root, but it eventually does!! Will surely try again


    Comentar pedido
    Muy contento Bobere a repetir Gracias un saludo

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Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)
Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)
Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)
Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)
Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)
Bolivian Torch 'Monstrose' (Penis Plant)
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