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Magic Truffles Pandora

Magic Truffles Pandora

The psilocybe Pandora is #3 in our list of strength - only the Hollandia and Utopia varieties are stronger. 7,5 grams of these mind-expanding magic truffles are enough to get a grasp of "a different kind of reality", with odd thoughts and sharpened senses. Very philosophic trains of thoughts, creativity and a social feeling accompanied with warm euphoria. Strength: 4.5 of 5.

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Magic Truffles Pandora - Are you psychonaut enough to open pandora's box


The psilocybe Pandora is one of the strongest magic truffle varieties and can cause severe hallucinations - if you dare to open Pandora's box. Mild doses will make you feel amused about the newly discovered signals from your senses and nerves, while higher doses can lead to odd or deep thoughts (the answer is 42 btw!) and eye-twisting perceptions of your environment. In good company and a familiar setting you will feel most comfortable and unleash unknown areas in your gray matter and find new heights of wisdom. The effects greatly vary from person to person and no trip is like the one before - every experience is absolutely unique and unpredictable. It greatly depends on your state of mind though - if you are mentally prepared to open Pandora's box, you might find a beautiful new reality.


The psilocybe Pandora is among the strongest varieties of magic truffles. These nutty nodules scored a 4.5 on our 5 finger scale and should be treated with reverence. 7,5 grams of the psilocybe Pandora are sufficient for a mild trip and a first experience with magic truffles. 10 grams is a dose for the advanced psychonaut and a full pack of 15 grams is a profound exploration of your mind and should be reserved to the most experienced users. Magic truffles can be eaten (chew well to prepare the matter for fast digestion and to avoid nausea) or drunk as a tea or simmered for 20 minutes in hot (not boiling!) water.


Magic truffles are a strong hallucinogen and should not be combined with alcohol, antidepressants or other strong medications. Never drive after the consumption of magic truffles and don't use them if you are not at least 18. Always start with a small dose to test the effect of psilocybin on your metabolism/mind. Absolutely not suitable for pregnant women!

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*These truffles will be shipped without the tins unless otherwise requested.


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    By on 20/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Wonderful product
    Comment : These truffles really deserve the name "Pandora". I'm an experienced tripper but wanted to go slow, so I tried half the pack (9 grams) and it was a beautiful experience. Soon the walls, curtains and plants began to "breath", geometrical optics (like the ones you know from your DMT trip) made this whole experience perfect. Even with closed eyes I went on a journey, which ended with a beautiful feeling of love and tears coming down my face. If you have experience with psilocybin and have to sort some things out with yourself, I really recommend this truffles. They'll help you seeing everything in a different light, in one way or another ;)

    By on 20/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Really nice
    Comment : I had great fun with these truffles.

    By on 13/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Puissant !
    Comment : Pris dans la forêt de Fontainebleau, je me souviendrai toute ma vie de la balade ! Les truffes ne sont pas très bonnes à manger (un peu trop acide à mon goût) mais les effets garantis ! J'ai bloqué à un moment sur les nuages dans le ciel, c'était magnifique ! Ils tourbillonnaient en spirale dans le ciel, je ne sais pas si ça s'est vraiment passé comme ça mais quelle merveille ! A part ça, j'ai vu une route d'allonger et onduler -> pas facile de tenir debout parfois... Grande proximité avec la nature aussi, on remarque la moindre petit bête et les détails sur chaque feuille avec des couleurs amplifiées... Tout ça pour dire que l'expérience est violente mais trop bonne à vivre !

    By :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By on 04/Jan/2017 :

    Title : ok
    Comment : ill keep it short n sweet it gave me pure bliss and also deep emotions that had me in tears

    By on 28/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Nice first time :)
    Comment : Overall: Would recommend buying! The product is good and came without any problems. I ate all of them and the effects kicked in very quickly (20 mins). They tasted not too bad. The adventure was good, very euphoric and easy to handle. I was indoors and alone for the most of it and was only outside at the start (which I recommend for first timer). The visuals were mild but became quite strong if i stared at something for a long time and were very strong at the peak when i closed my eyes! They had a sedative effect for the first half but the second half was very energising. I did not have that much confusion at the end which is very good. Next time I will buy the stronger ones. Because these were too weak in hindsight and I want a more full experience. But definitely go for these if you are a first timer and want to find out the secrets of nature in your room or on a good walk with a friend.

    By on 27/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Trip
    Comment : I didnt eat for 12 hours before my trip and this was amazing. I mixed Pandora with Mokum and the effects amazing. I felt two different powers of truffels.

    By on 22/Dec/2016 :

    Title : top
    Comment : très bon delire jadore

    By on 22/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Bon traitement de commande et bons produits
    Comment : Bon traitement de commande et bons produits

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