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Magic Truffles Tampanensis

Magic Truffles Tampanensis

The psilocybe Tampanensis is perfectly suited for advanced psychonauts. This variety was first found in Tampa, Florida in 1977 and is well-known as "Philosopher's Stones". On our 5 finger scale, we give it a 3.5 - a medium strong strain that provides strong visuals, creative thinking and a feeling of being close to nature and linked to your fellow psychonauts.

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Magic Truffles Tampanensis - Perfectly suited for advanced psychonauts


The psilocybe Tampanensis is comparable to the psilocybe Mokum, but the visuals are more intense. All your senses will be sharpened - as a matter of fact the whole world around you will look and feel totally different. Warm shivers (sometimes shock-waves, depending on the does) will rush through your body and you will be filled with euphoria. These magic truffles are called "Philosopher's Stones" for a good reason - not only will you be able to think in very creative ways, but you can find (spritual) enlightenment as well; at high doses one might be able to fully understand how the whole universe works!


The psilocybe Tampanensis is one of the stronger varieties of magic truffles - we classified it as a 3.5 on our 5 finger scale. Only 7,5 grams are sufficient for a first experience of a slightly bent reality. As of 10 grams we are talking about a medium strong trip and the full load of 15 grams is enough propellant to lift your spirit to unknown heights (only recommended for advanced psychonauts). For most people, the best method of taking magic truffles is by simply chewing well and swallowing - others (who don't like the slightly nutty, sour taste) make a tea with their magic truffles, by adding them to hot water or a tea - don't use boiling water as it would only degrade the substances in the truffles.


Everybody reacts differently to the effects of psilocybin - always start with a small dose and gradually work your way up from there to find the best dose for you. Magic truffles are not intended for persons under 18 years and are absolutely not suitable for pregnant women. Don't take magic truffles if you are mentally unstable, in bad mood or depressed; never combine magic truffles with alcohol, antidepressants or other drugs - illegal or prescribed.

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*MushMagic truffles will not be shipped in the tins unless otherwise requested.


    By Y. O. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By M. S. on 17/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Stones in the Belly
    Comment : After a week I got the truffles and went up a mountain without any people. Here is my review: After three hours I am at the peak of the mountain and eat 15 gramms of the truffles on the empty stomach. I watch the sky and enjoy the view. After 60 min I recognise a strange feeling in my stomage, like a light feeling of beeing sick, without fever. I have no visuals, just a slightly sharpened view. I decide to walk down, maybe the trip will begin later. It's cold. A sharp wind is getting stronger an I put my hands in my Primaloft-Jacket. Suddenly I recognize a very warm and good feeling when my hands touch my belly through the Softshell-Jacket. Wow. This never felt so good. I start to think about why I never noticed this. Chould it be that I don't like some parts of my body, such as my belly? Yes, that could be the answer. I'm getting very sad, because I thought I respect my body, but Tampanensis showed me something different. Thank you Zamnesia.

    By J. M. on 04/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Very nice!
    Comment : I ordered a 15g packet and split it with a friend. Although it felt like a threshold dose, it was still a good experience and I had a good body vibe going on. I'll be back in the future, but I'd probably order something a little stronger.

    By D. R. on 29/Sep/2016 :

    Title : Super expérience
    Comment : Première fois que je commande de truffes, j ai pas été déçu. Avec une amie on a commencé avec un paquet de truffe mexicana partagé a deux. Au bout de 3/4 d heure on a eu les premiers effets, ça nous a mis de bonnes humeurs, on rigolait pour rien, bon trip on se sentait bien. Voyant qu' on était pas complètement perché et que le trip était léger, on a décidé d attaquer les tampanensis, on a pris un paquet à deux aussi et là ou bout d environ 30-40 min on est vraiment passé à un autre stade. On a commencé a avoir des hallus, les distances, les dimensions, les sons et le temps n étaient plus perçu de la même façon. Par exemple ma pote paraissait avoir des jambes courtes avec de grands bras, parfois je la voyais petite, parfois grande. L appartement aussi changeait, suivant l endroit ou j étais les meubles paraissaient minuscules ou bien le plafond bas ou le salon immense etc on a décidé ensuite de sortir faire un tour dehors dans un parc et la on était fasciné par la beauté des arbres, la nature on a fait une grande ballade en tripant sur l environnement. On est ensuite rentré et on a commencé à redescendre, la descente n' est pas mauvaise, on était tout calme, tout stone, on a bu un coup en écoutant de la musique tranquillement pour finir la soirée. En plus de tout ça, on a ressenti moi un peu et ma pote assez fortement les fameux effets philosophiques que les truffes peuvent provoquer, on voit un peu les choses différemment, le superficiel, la bétise, la folie du monde dans lequel on vit nous sautent aux yeux, enfin c est difficile à décrire clairement... Mon amie me dit que ça l a changé, que ça l a aidé a avancer. Par exemple depuis elle a décidé de passer moins de temps sur son ordi, plus sortir en nature, elle c adoucie, elle est plus zen, elle se prend moins la tête avec des choses qui n en valent pas la peine. Bref les truffes magiques c est une expérience à faire. Par contre c est éprouvant et les deux jours qui ont suivi on était fatigué mentalement et physiquement.

    By K. M. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By S. B. on 21/Sep/2016 :

    Title : Erg fijn!
    Comment : Dit was de eerste keer dat ik ging truffelen met mijn vriend. We hadden eerst een half pakje op en na een uur hebben we de andere helft opgegeten (we probeerde het zo op te bouwen) We hadden hiervoor al een keer 2cb gebruikt en ik vond het er heel erg op lijken. Voor mij waren de visuals wel iets sterker bij truffelen. Mijn vriend daarentegen ging wel een stuk harder wat hij ook heel fijn vond! al met al was het een hele fijne avond! De volgende keer neem ik wel de sterkste variant en neem dan gelijk het hele pakje.

    By L. A. on 20/Sep/2016 :

    Title : Good !!
    Comment : Plein de petits fourmillements dans le corps, très agréable et relaxant, ces truffes là me mettent de très bonne humeur. Peu de déformations visuelles mais un état d'esprit qui fait voir la vie du bon côté ;) Ayant goûté les Utopia, celles-ci sont beaucoup plus soft mais restent quand même une de mes variété préférée !

    By K. K. on 20/Sep/2016 :

    Title : Good stuff
    Comment : Zamnesia delivers once again ( excuse the pun) this was my first order and I've had a few since, couldn't be happier with the service or the product (s)

    By D. S. on 08/Sep/2016 :

    Title : what a great disappointment :(
    Comment : Esattamente non so cosa sia successo, il trasporto nei furgoni roventi, il prodotto in vendita scontato quindi vecchio, qualche altro motivo sconosciuto, il fatto è che con circa 7 gm a testa io ed il mio amico, presi la sera dell'arrivo del pacco, non abbiamo sentito nulla. il prodotto era completamente inefficace, ma comunque il giorno dopo abbiamo comunque avuto dei metaboliti da cui liberarsi, dato che ho avuto stanchezza e emicranìa. Ho un'altra confezione non so se buttarla o prenderla. Se ci fosse un servizio di refund, mi farei spedire altre confezioni fresche. Non so se fidarmi ancora in futuro oppure non servirmi più qui. Ho provato diversi allucinogeni, (lsd, mescalina) lo psilocybe sono anni che desideravo provarlo, quindi potete immaginare che grande delusione sia stata. ---- . ----- I do not know exactly what happened, transportation in hot vans, the product for sale assume so old, some other unknown reason, the fact is that with about 7 gm apiece me and my friend, we have not feeled anything. the product was completely ineffective, but the next day, we still had the metabolites to be freed, since I had fatigue and headache. I do not know if another pack throw it or take it. If there was a refund service, I'd send other fresh packaging. I do not know whether to trust again in the future, or not serve more here. I tried several hallucinogens (LSD, mescaline) the psilocybe are years that I wanted to try it, so you can imagine what a great disappointment it was.

    By O. Z. on 29/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Present moment
    Comment : I shared three packs of these with 6 friends in a villa in the south of france, and man, we returned to our primordial self, contemplating everything, living in the moment, making one with the rest of the world. I think that's why these truffles are called somewhat philosophical, they give you a snapshot of how you should live to be serene, and then it's you who have to integrate the lessons learned from this trip into your daily lives. I received everything in less than a week, totally discretely. 5/5

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