Magic Truffles Mokum


The psilocybe Mokum provides a highly creative and philosophical, social trip, similar to the effect of the psilocybe Tampanensis, but stronger. Locals often call Amsterdam Mokum and since this strain is a local specialty from Amsterdam, it has been named Mokum. Psilocybin Mokum truffles have a medium effect - we classified it as a 3.5 on our 5 finger scale.

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Weight: 15 grams€ 12.79
  • Weight: 15 grams € 12.79
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Magic Truffles Mokum - A local specialty from Amsterdam


The psilocybe Mokum cranks up your brain activity by 200%+ - these magic truffles provide a highly philosophical and creative, social trip. The effects are comparable to the psilocybe Fantasia, but slightly stronger. Depending on the dose, mild to strong visuals are possible, but the main aspect of the trip is its "thinking outside the box" and the urge to communicate with your fellow psychonauts.


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For obvious reasons one should never drive on a magic truffles trip. Don't use magic truffles if you are pregnant, depressive, in bad mood, distraught, on (prescribed) drugs or mentally unstable. Magic truffles are not suitable for minors or persons under the age of 18 years. Always start with a small dose to test how your body and brain react to psilocybin.

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*These truffles will be shipped without the tins unless otherwise requested.

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Reviews (51)

    Aucun effets !
    On étais deux consommateur a consommée 15 gramme avec une ou deux bières , aucun effets lors de la soirée , on étais vraiment déçue ! a ne pas conseillée

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review


    Todo depende del Set&Setting
    Realmente dentro de las trufas la potencia depende de dos factores: 1. Dosis y 2. Estado emocional. La Dosis va en relación al estado de ánimo. Si uno está triste, con ansiedad, depresión, malos pensamientos no es recomendable jamás tomar cualquier tipo de planta espiritual. Las trufas con niveles de potencia inferiores al 4 (sobre un máximo de 5) tienen unos efectos muy parecidos, aunque unas pueden tener efectos visuales mayores, en sí todas sirven para hacer introspección dentro del ser. Las Trufas son un portal para comprender conocimientos y sabiduría que proporciona la naturaleza, nuestra madre. Si nunca has probado trufas prueba la Mokum o la Pajaritos, dependiendo de tus intenciones, ambas son atractivas y pacíficas. Esta especie es buena porque recoge paz y al mismo tiempo potencia como si fuera una trufa fuerte.


    j'ai donc pris 7.5 grammes avec un ami effet asser cool j'ai eu un trip asser profond bonne éspèces


    Cluster headaches
    Using these for chronic cluster headache treatment for my partner, cluster headache is the most painful medical condition know to medical science attacking 4 to 10 times a day, with no known cure and treatment is limited to oxygen and sumatriptan then random drugs the doctors hope work. After doing some research we come across lots of people treating them with micro doses, so we were give these a shot, with a dose as little as 2grams we can stop a full blown attack in 5 minutes and she won't have another attack for at least 2 days! Might not seem a lot but after 4-10 a day for 3 years then 2 days rest is a blessing, thank you for making it possible to treat my partner and get the mother of my child back to us.


    Like an Alice in wonderland


    Good, social trip
    My cousin and I took a whole box each. The trip was comfortable and lasted 3-4 hours. We have done Atlantis, Dragonslayer and Utopia before. I recommend this for a social and relaxed trip with little visuals.


    This was great! Great effects, you wanna laugh at everything, you feel like you're floating and sometimes it's too hard to walk but really fun to feel you're legs that way. Eat it 10 days after receiving it with yogurt and jam and it didn't give me stomachache at all (not like the other time). Keep it in the fridge while you don't eat it, it helps your truffles not get spoiled. And see you soon Zamnesia.


    Zamnesia continues to surprise me
    Took 7.5 gram and had a very small "trip" of feeling like rubber. Next time I will take 15g since this product isn't as strong as Hollandia which I took latest.

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Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
Magic Truffles Mokum
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