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Magic Truffles Mokum

 4.5/5 (59)

    Serious self growth trip
    I used 15g hollandia and 15g mokum. (Experienced with meditation, I could handle the dose). It lasted 4.30 hour. Exctemly deep self conversation, i get in touch with my monkey self, my ultra male self, my "evil" parts. I felt deep gratitude for the ability to eat, to sleep, to feel love. Extremly helpful catlust for self growth. You can have insights that stay with you long after the trip


    If the outdoors is your game, trust Mokum -_-
    I took a trip to the mountains in summer headed for the highest places I knew from snowboarding there in the winter. This was my first time taking shrooms, by myself in the mountains :) Yeah the Mokum is really good, a little bit less sour then the other truffles I ordered. Mokum tastes like nuts a bit, kinda like nuts that are not yet ripe, but still soft and good to eat. I took half a portion of Mokum truffles right after eating half of the Mexicana truffles (7.5gr) each. On the other hand for all the trippers/psychonauts out there, lots of senses heightened, especially sight and hearing is on point. Word of advice for people wanting to do what I did, unless your a mountain man like me don't do it, otherwise sit in a nice park or in a place you know has more greenery, trees and less people to get in your way, you'll have fun. Keep an eye on your watch every now and then, if things get a little too loopy at least you'll know what time it is and how much time has passed since you ate the shrooms if you want to eat mokum indoors.


    Good for laughs
    Split 15g with a friend, couldn't stop laughing, very euphoric. It's a little bit bitter when swallowing, make sure you swallow a small quantity at a time


    Very philosophical trip
    I hadn't partaken in any psilocybes for some time so decided to split 15 grams with a less experienced friend (if i'm honest, only expecting a very mild trip.) However, within a short while of consuming my half all thoughts of me being the "sober sitter" vanished. We spent the majority of the trip sitting on a bench at the top of a local hill, staring out across the city as it warped and contorted, fascinated by the site of planes bound for the local airport smashing into the civilisation below and talking deeply about the nature of being and the implicate order of the universe. Overall, i was hugely impressed by this product and i am looking forward to taking a full 15 grams when my next order arrives.


    Lovely trip
    Beautiful trip, nice quick consistent rise. Lots of visuals and smiles


    Très bonne truffe !!!


    Great buy
    Did these last weekend, took half a portion with my girlfriend and spent a solid 3 hours in a deep trip, pretty intense but also a lot of fun! Would recommend.


    Bonnes truffes
    Cette variété de truffes a été ma première expérience hallucinogène. Bonne euphorie et envie de palabrer des heures sur tout et n'importe quoi, trip très agréable même si peu visuel. Une boîte pour deux peut suffire. J'aime bien les truffes car c'est un délire plus doux que les champignons ça dépend de ce qu'on recherche sur l'instant.


    Bonnes truffes
    Bonnes truffes dans tous les sens du terme. Bon goût, par rapport à d'autres truffes, et surtout très bon trip, pas trop violent et très fun. Au niveau visuel, y'a mieux, mais bon délire et la psytrance prend une autre dimension dans nos oreilles.


    Tres content
    Très bonne qualité de champi my first champi était super sympa avec un bon pepete sa passe encore mieux et reçu dans les temps

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