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Magic Truffles Mokum

 4.5/5 (59)

    Good, social trip
    My cousin and I took a whole box each. The trip was comfortable and lasted 3-4 hours. We have done Atlantis, Dragonslayer and Utopia before. I recommend this for a social and relaxed trip with little visuals.


    This was great! Great effects, you wanna laugh at everything, you feel like you're floating and sometimes it's too hard to walk but really fun to feel you're legs that way. Eat it 10 days after receiving it with yogurt and jam and it didn't give me stomachache at all (not like the other time). Keep it in the fridge while you don't eat it, it helps your truffles not get spoiled. And see you soon Zamnesia.


    Zamnesia continues to surprise me
    Took 7.5 gram and had a very small "trip" of feeling like rubber. Next time I will take 15g since this product isn't as strong as Hollandia which I took latest.


    Perfect Quality !
    Thank you Zamnesia for the beautiful experience ! ! ! Highly recommended ! Very fast shipping !


    Go outside
    If you're going to eat Mokum, I strongly recommend you to go outside. Do not trip at home , because Mokum are made for the nature trip. I've tried 90% of all Zamnesia truffels, and Mokum are the best for tripping outside. Good luck and thank you Zamnesia !


    5g reichten um 6st. drauf zu sein mit angenehmen euphoriewellen. 5+


    Léger pour les expérimenté
    Tout nickel. À titre de comparaison 15 grammes de cette variété, j'ai trouvé, on environ la même puissance que 2 grammes de psilocybe mexicain.


    Amazing experience
    Bought from UK received within a few days, this product is the real deal just make sure you don't message the courier thinking its customer service or to be extra safe have it delivered to your local post office and collect it rather than delivered to your door, I hear your door is fine but better safe than sorry I say.. Others would disagree though, if your going to buy any for a heavy trip I say do not settle for less than the strongest because you can achieve your desired effects with much less, you will have to either store them correctly if you plan on preserving them or drying them out but it's better to have the stronger kind available to avoid you having to continuously buy more as if these went through a random customs check you will get a letter or visit by police with a warning but it's not impossible to be more be careful it's not virtually risk free, mokum was pretty mild, walls moving occasionally but extreme creativity I think it would have been a lot better with weed because being used to weed and hallucinating I didn't feel a high or buzz per se more just inebriated the buzz was all it was missing best u roll before taking though and television kind of bored me or made me emotionally attached to some things I think it was a lot better when I went out to my balcony but that's not a recommendation when your body Gravity has changed I felt there was no chance of anything happening and my railings are pretty high so best just going somewhere quiet with a friend or 2 and watching nature it's much more enjoyable without electronic devices or bright lights, mokum was good but I bet utopia will be better


    Envío rápido y discreto, instrucciones bastante completas y excelentes efectos de felicidad y relajación. Muy recomendables, voy a seguir probando otras. La única pega es que el sabor al comerlas no me gustó, pero no es inconveniente.


    by Alex
    this one was insanely sharp vivid and colourful i was tryign to play playstation but it was too overwhelming i almost fainted and spewed. so if i ever do take this one again it will be sealing my eyes to do it or away out in the wildreness. unlike pandora this is colours and trails decent product.

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