Magic Truffles Fantasia


The psilocybe Fantasia is "food for fantasy" and is known for its heavy visuals and twisted, sometimes bizarre, thoughts. You will encounter deeper colors, bending furniture and a warm, euphoric vibe and shivers that rush through your whole body from time to time. It takes only 7,5-10 grams to perceive the world with altered senses. We give this strain a 3 in strength on a 5 scale.

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  • Weight: 15 grams € 13.59
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Magic Truffles Fantasia - The magic mushroom of the Mayan


The psilocybe Fantasia is a bit stronger than the Mexicana - particularly in regards to visuals. On a mild trip you will notice that reality shows a slight distortion - not that you see things that are not there, but everything in sight appears sharper, deeper, err, somehow different from the everyday reality. A medium trip will take you to the next level on the ladder to become a proven psychonaut. Your gray matter is running on 200%+ and Greek philosophers wrote nursery rhymes compared to the thoughts you have now. The view is very intense and some minor details near you can suddenly become highly interesting - especially when the shape seems amorphous. A "full" trip is only recommended for experienced users - and even then it is always a good idea to have a trip sitter. Those trips have one thing in common: In good company you'll have a very social vibe and occasional outpouring of talking surges and fits of laughter. Those experiences vary greatly from person to person and depend on many factors like state of mind/health, empty/full stomach when consuming the truffles, your company, mood, etc etc.


Floating or orbiting is simple to figure out with our easy-to-use dosage calculator.

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Magic truffles are not suitable for persons under the age of 18. Since the effect is different for every user (even the same dose of the same truffles can cause a different trip than the one before), it is recommended to start with a small dose. Never use magic truffles in combination with alcohol, antidepressants or other strong medicine. Don't use them when you are pregnant, in bad state of mind or health - and don't even think about driving!

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*MushMagic truffles will not be shipped in the tins unless otherwise requested.

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Reviews (121)

    Not bad
    Pajaritos is better.


    Very good trip!
    Le meilleur de tous eux que j'ai essayé avec les Utopia et les Hollandia : beaucoup d'effets visuels et sonores Délais de livraison respecté, et pratique commerciale au top !


    2 persons trip recipe : Take 3 litres of water each Go outside, in the wilderness Eat half of mexicana, wait 45 minutes, eat half of fantasia.


    Very enjoyable experience, warm tingly feelings with mild visuals such as breathing walls and swirling views. Felt very close with nature and open minded.


    Great, between atlantis and hollandia
    not as crazy as hollandia but definitely more effective than atlantis


    I'm reintroducing myself to the world of psychadelics after a thirty year absence. My first attempt a week ago with Tampanensis was inconclusive. After discussions with the exceptional support team at Zamnesia I tried again yesterday with Fantasia using the lemon tek (look it up if you're not sure - there's an article on the blog). The juice from one lemon is fine. Chop the truffles and marinade in the juice for 10 minutes then drink. You'll probably end up spooning out the chopped truffles to get the full load. After an hour, very little had happened, then the trip began fairly quickly and it was stunning. Lasted about three hours. I was in control the whole way though immobilised by fantastic visual creations with eyes both open and shut. For three or four waves my ego, my self, just dissolved and I was safely in complete unity with the universe. Exactly as I remembered the best mushrooms in the 1980s. For beginners, I would stress the usual warnings about surroundings: keep well clear of any external responsibilities or anyone who would disapprove. Sensations are magnified exponentially and you need to make sure these sensations (emotions, thoughts, physical responses, outside stimuli) are directed in a positive way, because negatives will be magnified too! My advice when you enter into a trance is to go with it if you can: do not have preconceived notions about what you want to see. Your senses will become empowered in ways you cannot conceive so let them be your guide. These are powerful truffles. The whole pack supplied by Zamnesia will give you a phenomenal, exceptional experience, so treat them with respect and make your initial (pre-trip) preparations carefully. You will be rewarded with a potentially stunning and positive experience.


    Very good product !
    Very still effect, very pleasant.


    Great experience. Would recommend.


    Pleasant, mild effects
    Took the full 15g (as I usually do) and fell into an odd twisty sleep, floating in darkness for several days (probably half an hour really). It was very relaxing. Coming out of the 'sleep' led to some (probably) bizarre conversations about the nature of reality and choice. Not as deep as the Atlantis, but still nice.


    We took 7.5 g each of this Fantasia stuff, but had no effect to be honest. Maybe a bit of feeling high, but it was short and very mild for what I was supposed to feel. However another time we took the same amount from the Hollandia and that was really nice. Nice bodily feeling, giggles, enhanced senses even some visuals though not too much. Next time time to go for some more!!

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Questions (1)
G.G. 2014-04-01 12:12:25

Can I open the pack, use some truffles and then reseal them in a vacuum container? Can this keep the truffles fresh once opened?


Unopened, they can be stored 2-3 months in a cool and dark place (a refrigerator is perfect). Do not freeze! Freezing the product will damage the produce. Once opened though (no matter how well stored), they can only be stored for a few more days.

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Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
Magic Truffles Fantasia
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