This herbal psychedelic from Happy Caps is based on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBW) seeds (Argyreia nervosa), with a shot of guarana for added buzz.

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HBW is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Originally native to India, it now grows around the world, including Hawaii. Its large furry seeds grow in seedpods and contain the psychedelic LSA.

A pack of Trip-e contains 4 capsules.


Take 1 capsule 45 minutes before the desired effect.


The active ingredients in Trip-E are (amounts per capsule):

  • Hawaiian baby woodrose (275 mg, the active ingredients of which are D-lysergic acid amide and related compounds).
  • Guarana (25 mg)
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Calcium dioxide
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule)


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds can take a longer than expected time to kick in, but this powder-and-capsule-based delivery should minimize that uncertainty. Do not exceed recommended dose. Not for use by under-18s, or when pregnant or nursing. Do not use in combination with alcohol, medicines or other stimulants, or if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart- or vascular disease and/or problems of the thyroid and/or liver, kidney or prostate disorder, panic attacks. Do not take if using MAO inhibitors or anti-depressants. Do not combine with heavy physical exercise, and stop use immediately in case of nervousness, tremor, sleeplessness, reduced appetite or heart palpitations. Consult your doctor if you have worries. Store in a cool, dry place and of course, out of reach of children.

Number of caps 4
Reviews (144)

    so cool
    its ok because of the price but dont spect visuals or high efects just for having a good afternoon.


    Krasser Trip
    Nach langem Erbrechen und höllische Bauchschmerzen war der Trip sehr witzig und bewusstseinserweiternd. Würde es wieder nehmen.


    I took 1 capsule on an empty stomach. After 1 hour I lie down with a blanket and sleep or rest for 2 hours. Then I get up and listen to psytrance, high tech minimal or meditation music and for next 6-8 hours my mind feels happy and enlightened. It was for me almost a spiritual experience. Being split into atoms and feeling one with the cosmos. I heard some done feel anything but I think you need something to catalyst your experience like music but it can probably be something else that gives you good feelings, like a funny movie that you love or possibly even sexual feelings. You can probably do a bit of cannabis to make the trip even deeper but I haven't had the need for this yet. I highly recommend this product to anyone who feel the need to explore what their mind is capable of. Enjoy!! :)


    Top Produkt
    Das besondere an diesen Kapseln sind das unglaublich euphorische und energetische Gefühl! Man sollte aber wirklich vorher nichts essen denn: auch trotzt Einnahme nach 2-3 Stunden Essen, ist eine gewisse Übelkeit da, die ich aber gerne in Kauf nahm und wieder nehmen werde! Bei mir hat zb schon eine Kapsel gereicht. Als hätte man ein leuchtendes, magisches Glühwürmchen verschluckt welches im Magen nicht stirbt und dort seine Energie auf dich vom Magen aus überträgt. Leichtes Licht-flackern bemerkte ich auch anfangs, welches den eindeutigen Zeitpunkt des Wirkungseintritts bestimmte. Bis zu einer Woche danach muss ich aber sagen: jeden Tag hatte ich leichte Flashbacks...wird aber wohl bei jedem anders sein... Insgesamt für 11 Euro ein Top Produkt! Und der Lieferservice ist sowieso Top, 5 Sterne dafür und für die Pille aufgrund der Übelkeit 4 Sterne. Mfg


    my stomach experienced a wonderful trip
    Thank you! the feeling of nausea, this is exactly what I wanted and for only 11 bucks! although what did I expect?)))))


    Pretty okey
    Was ok, nothing to great :D


    Did the job
    weaker than expected but reading the reviews now, maybe I should've kept lower expectations


    Mixed Feelings
    The positives of these capsules is that they make you feel very euphoric and energetic. Only 1 capsule does barely any effect but combining 1 capsule with some cannabis, It can greatly increase you trip. I had some very minor visuals but my thoughts were magnified significantly and music sounded very interesting. The negative side effects are some extreme nausea and minor muscle cramps. I also became very confused at one stage of the trip and began getting a slight bit of anxiety (Probably from the nausea) but once I changed my setting and went outside I felt much better (and the stars looked unbelievable). In conclusion I have mixed feelings for these capsules. If there was no nausea and cramps it would make the experience 10x times better. If you are only taking 1 capsule like I said and combine it with a bit of cannabis but make sure to wait till the capsules kick in before smoking. Personally i would not take these again but that's my opinion as other people did enjoy them a lot more than I did.


    A bit mild for me, I would like to try more than 2 pills at once,,but im afraid of the nausea.If not about it, it would be 5 stars.


    It was a little bit frightening at first, there were intense leg cramps and a bit of nausea, but after a while the pain passes and you feel a sublime sense of happiness and energy.

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Questions (2)
Stephanie 2013-08-06 14:40:44

Combien de temps dure le trip? Où doit-on conserver le paquet et combien de temps peut-on le conserver?


When consumed, you will start noticing the effect after about 30 minutes. From 45 minutes, you will notice its full effect, which will last for a about 3 hours. From then it will start to lessen, but you will be able to sense it's effects for a total of 5 to 6 hours. Please note though that you will feel a portion of the initial effect for the rest of the day.

didier fillion 2013-04-09 17:17:42

il y a combien de capsule ?


Each packet contains 2,2grams in 4 (vega)capsules.

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