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    Best experience in my entire life!
    Before I talk about it theres a few things to know: -I took 2 pills (I recommend taking one but hey its up to you) -DO NOT EAT ANYTHING BEFORE HAND. take on a empty AF stomach as you will throw up more than anytime in your life. quick disclaimer the first 20 mins are probably the worst but just power through the sickness and you will be blessed with an amazing experience) -Heres what I recommend for an amazing trip: lying on your bed. (naked?) spaceing out listening to music staring at the walls Here's how I personally felt but I might be different for you: -everything felt a million miles away from you -you find everything funny -you find everyone good looking (not horny but everyone looks hot) -the walls subtly move around (dizziness almost and lightheadedness) -its hard to stand and move around -its like youre a baby again your arms and legs feel numb and heavy as hell -I sucked my thumb for hours (idk why but it felt great in my mouth) -watch trippy videos theres nothing "visually" stimulating but you FEEL amazing. best feeling in my life. would recommend!


    perfect trip.
    very controlleble and strong


    Vorsicht !!
    Euch sollte klar sein, dass „trip-e“ wirklich eine sehr starke Wirkung hat !!! Leider wird ein von der Hawaiianische Holzrose wirklich sehr übel, trotz das ich vier Stunden vorher nichts gegessen habe, hatte ich nach guten 2,5 h, fiese Kotzattacken bekommen. Zeitgleich setzte dann auch der Trip ein ... über mehrere Stunden Übelkeit dazu ... Horror pur !!! Überlegt es Euch gut !!


    First Ever Trip!
    I meditate and wanted to enhance my experience so I purchased a packet of trip-e. I took one capsule at 9.30am on an empty stomach with a small cup of black coffee. After about 40 minutes I started to feel nauseous and my mouth started to go dry so I lay down. I woke up at about 11:15am on the sofa and the room was moving. My head felt light and everything felt distorted. From here the feeling started to grow as I listened to calm uplifting music and closed my eyes. I felt like I was floating and couldn't feel my body. I couldn't feel the clothes against my skin and the seat that I was sat on. It was amazing! I had to drink a couple of glasses of water throughout the trip as my mouth kept on going dry. after a couple of hours I lay on the bed and closed my eyes. The feeling was amazing. I couldn't feel anything and my ears became muffled. I didn't have any worries or a care in the world. I saw oceans and sunsets and mountains and was floating on the sea. I skimmed across the river Thames like a missile and became part of a plant with my veins sucking up the water. Then I became a whale and the ocean poured into me. I didn't get any stomach cramps. Besides the nausea, it was a fantastic experience. I was left smiling and felt floaty all day afterwards. The trip lasted for about 6 and a half hours and I would definitely recommend these of you're looking for your first trip :-)


    An strange experience
    I ate 2 of them at 9 in the morning, first two hours i was really happy about everything, with a smile in my face after that i felt relaxed. Really recommended.


    super top apres avoir teste space e
    super top apres avoir teste space e


    Fangt klein an, startet mit einer Pille!
    Ich habe entgegen weitläufiger Meinung nur eine Kapsel genommen,anstatt direkt mehrere. Zum Glück, denn die Kapsel hat bei mir extrem stark gewirkt. Nach 1,5h traten leichte Konzentrationsstörungen auf und es war für mich extrem anstrengend, wenn ich mich mit anderen unterhalten musste. Übelkeit stellte sich bei mir hingegen keine ein. Nach 1,5-2h ging es los mit Optics und ab 3h nach Einnahme entfaltete der Trip seine volle Stärke. Ich war selbst überrascht, als es erst nach DREI ganzen Stunden so richtig anfing zu wirken. Ein großer Euphorieschub, zeitweise totalen Bewegungsdrang aber auch Phasen in denen ich mich gar nicht bewegen wollte brachte der Trip mit sich. Zudem verspürte ich ein Taubheitsgefühl im kompletten Körper. Lediglich meine Hände waren unfassbar gefühlsintensiv. Essen und trinken war zudem verdammt lecker für mich. Der Trip ging ungefähr 7h lang bei mir. Ich empfand es als eine anstrengende, aber auch sehr lohnenswerte Erfahrung, die man aber sicherlich nicht jedes Wochenende machen muss. Merkt euch nur eins: Beim Erstkonsum mit einer Kapsel starten! Bleibt die Wirkung bei euch aus, versucht es beim nächsten mal mit 2. Die Teile sind definitiv nicht zu unterschätzen und wenn ihr auf die Kapseln ähnlich stark reagiert wie ich, seid ihr froh wenn ihr "nur" mit einer angefangen habt ;-)


    so cool
    its ok because of the price but dont spect visuals or high efects just for having a good afternoon.


    Krasser Trip
    Nach langem Erbrechen und höllische Bauchschmerzen war der Trip sehr witzig und bewusstseinserweiternd. Würde es wieder nehmen.


    I took 1 capsule on an empty stomach. After 1 hour I lie down with a blanket and sleep or rest for 2 hours. Then I get up and listen to psytrance, high tech minimal or meditation music and for next 6-8 hours my mind feels happy and enlightened. It was for me almost a spiritual experience. Being split into atoms and feeling one with the cosmos. I heard some done feel anything but I think you need something to catalyst your experience like music but it can probably be something else that gives you good feelings, like a funny movie that you love or possibly even sexual feelings. You can probably do a bit of cannabis to make the trip even deeper but I haven't had the need for this yet. I highly recommend this product to anyone who feel the need to explore what their mind is capable of. Enjoy!! :)

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