Helinus Integrifolius (10 Grams)


Helinus integrifolius is an African dream herb that has been used for centuries by diviners as a tool to gain insight and clarity. Although little is known about it, it has proven to be a very effective way of inducing vivid, memorable and sometimes lucid dreams.

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Helinus integrifolius: The African dream tonic that helps to unlock the lucid potential of your mind.

Helinus integrifolius, also known as Ubhubhubhu, Seepbos, Soap Bush and Soap Creeper is an African climbing shrub that can reach up to 6 meters tall and can be found growing wild in the more deciduous woodland areas of Africa. This dream herb has traditionally been used by diviners gain mental clarity and see the deeper meanings behind their dreams and visions.

Helinus integrifolius is seen by the African tribes that use it as a vital tool in the link between diviner and ancestor. Its significance is so important that it plays a central part of a diviner's initiation ceremony. The African Xhosa believe it can allow you to communicate with your ancestors through your dreams, learning from their knowledge and power.


Helinus integrifolius produces oneirogenic effects that can cause dreams and visions to be much more vivid and memorable. It may help you gain insights into issues that are bothering you, gain a deeper sense of spirituality, or even push you into a lucid dream.


To take Helinus integrifolius you need to vigorously mix the shredded plant matter into cold water. This will cause a water transfusion. As you do this, the mixture will begin to foam, it is ready when you have a large amount. You must then drink this infused water on an empty stomach until you feel full. This is followed by induced vomiting, which is traditionally seen as a purging of impurities. The psychoactive properties will have been absorbed by the time you are required to vomit, allowing you to have vivid and memorable dreams.

Active Compounds

Helinus integrifolius contains a high concentration of saponins. Whilst not much clinical research has been conducted into the chemistry of Helinus integrifolius, it is possible that it is these saponins that are the active ingredient that cause vivid and sometimes lucid dreams. However, more research needs to be conducted into the area.

Reviews (5)

    Préparation impossible
    Le résultat voulu n'a pas été obtenu. Impossible d'en faire de la mousse. SVP, comment y remédier ?


    Honestly i don't know how to prepare the product. i tried a lot of things, but never get any foam, or anything useful result. and don't even find anything about the how to .

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Questions (1)
Mr B 2015-02-15 23:19:44

Do I mix the whole 10 grams all at once ?


Traditionally the tribes drink until they have to vomit it out again; it is at this point that you know that you've had enough. I would recommend starting with 0.5g and increasing from there until the desired effects start or until you have to vomit.

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Helinus Integrifolius (10 Grams)
Helinus Integrifolius (10 Grams)