Mukanya Kude (10 Grams)


Mukanya Kude has a long history of being used in the shamanic rituals of the Zulu tribe to gain guidance from their ancestors. Its ability to induce lucid and vivid dreams is highly revered.

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Mukanya Kude: An African dream herb used by the Zulus to induce lucid dreams and treat the ill.

Mukanya Kude is an African tree that has long been used by indigenous tribes as both a herbal medicine and a vision inducing substance. Also known as Acacia xanthophloea, or Fever Tree, Mukanya Kude grows in swampy areas usually found in the southern and eastern parts of Africa. It gained the name Fever Tree from European settlers, who thought it was these trees that caused malaria, instead of the mosquitoes found in high abundance in the swampy areas it grows in.

It is the famous Zulu tribe who use Mukanya Kude for their shamanistic visions. By taking Mukanya Kude just before slumber is reported to induce vivid and memorable dreams, with great potential to make them lucid.

Mukanya Kude can be used for a number of applications, the most noted being for inducing vivid and lucid dreams. It is traditionally believed that through these dreams you will be able to communicate with your ancestors and the spirits, letting their knowledge guide you in the waking world.
Mukanya Kude has also been used as a traditional way to treat numerous medical conditions. The powdered bark of Mukanya Kude is also used to help treat those suffering from malaria.

Scientific research into Mukanya Kude has shown it contains a number of beneficial active ingredients that can act as natural antioxidants and anti-carcinogenics, help treat nervous system disorders, strengthen the brain's communication with the rest of the body, help those recovering from stress induced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as balance the brain's chemistry – helping those with ADHD, panic disorders, anxiety and depression.

Preparation and Dosage

The most common way to take Mukanya Kude is to brew it into a tea. The Zulus to use Mukanya Kude as part of a mixture of dream herbs, but it can be quite effective by itself. Simply allow the Mukanya Kude to infuse with boiling water for around 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain the liquid and drink it no more than an hour before going to bed.

There are no set guidelines to the amount you should use when creating your tea. It is generally good advice to start with a relatively small dose, such as a teaspoon, and slowly increase the dosage if necessary. Bear in mind, it can take a few days for the effects of Mukanya Kude to be felt.

Active compounds

Research has identified three major active compounds within Mukanya Kude, unfortunately it is not known which are responsible for causing vivid and lucid dreams. Two of them are psychoactive, and could thus be responsible. The active compounds are:

Catechol – This has been found to naturally occur within the brain and endocrine tissues. It is found within the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in fairly high concentrations. Catechol has key implications into the modulation of dopamine, adrenalin and noradrenalin neurotransmission. It has been found to effect the central nervous system and its regulation of pain perception and anti inflammatory reactions.

Catecholamine – This is made by the brain and adrenal glands for use in the body's response to stressful “fight or flight” situations. It is known to strengthen communication form the brain to the rest of the body making you more alert, and increasing you heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle strength. Catecholamine also decreases the amount of blood going to the skin, redirecting it to the major organs.

Cathechin – Cathechin is a natural antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic. What this means is that this active compound helps protect your body from free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are produced by the breakdown of food and by exposure to harmful environments. They can damage cells and are thought to play a general role in the degeneration of the body. This means that Cathechin can help prevent ageing, disease and act as a preventative measure to cancer.


There has not been much clinical research into the long term use of Mukanya Kude. As a result we would advise anyone with serious pre-existing conditions to obtain medical advice before using Mukanya Kude.

Do not mix the use of Mukanya Kude with any other drugs, alcohol or prescription medicine. Do not take Mukanya Kude if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Certain components of Mukanya Kude have also been shown to increase blood pressure, so if you suffer from high blood pressure you should refrain from its use.

Reviews (9)

    Bonne herbe à rêve
    Dès la première infusion, les images que ce soit les yeux fermés ou dans les rêves sont plus nettes, colorées et lumineuses. La mémoire des rêves et nettement améliorée. J'ai obtenu un rêve lucide à la 5ème prise (2gr par prise avant de dormir) en association avec les techniques d'induction et les tests de réalité.


    Pas mal
    Les effets se font ressentir après minimum 2 ou 3 prises (Je m'en suis fais des infusions). Première infusion : aucun rêve ou pas que je m'en souvienne. Deuxième infusion : quelques rêves plus "lucides qu'un rêve habituel. Troisième infusion : c'est simple je faisais un rêve différent toutes les heures quasiment Et a chaque fois ça m'a réveillé. Quand on se réveille on a l'impression d'être plus en forme ce qui n'est pas désagréable.


    en infusion,difficile à avaler sauf en sucrant. sinon,je n'ai pas ressenti d'effet, et pourtant je fais des rèves lucides de temps en temps naturellement.


    These herbs are reasonably priced and have interesting effects. I cannot say that it has given me any lucid dreams yet, but it has increased my ability to remember dreams by a lot, and I have also had more creative/bizarre dreams. However, a major downside I experienced with this product is that it is kind of a stimulant, that wakes you up the way caffeine does. Given that you take this before going to bed, this is very counterproductive and can be unpleasant, So I would recommend using this only when you have a lot of hours for sleep.


    Über diese afrikanische Akazie
    Mukanya Kude eignet sich immens gut zur physischen Levitation bei einer adretten Meditation à la Zulu. Das Spirituelle Potenzial dieses Herbs ist wahrlich unglaublich . . . doch muss man dafür erst erfahren wie man die adäquaten Rituale präpariert; daher kann ich der Masse nur (medizinisch) verraten, dass Mukanya Kude sich auch zur Mischung seines Rauchguts eignet und dabei Entzündungen - im Mundraum eingeschlossen - zur Kurierung affektiert.


    Les effets sont apparus au bout de 2 jours (à raison de 1 cuillère à café par infusion). Expérience sympa; lors de mon sommeil je savais bel et bien que j'étais en train de rêver. Je m'amusais et rigolais en présence de personnes que j'aime et ce, une bonne partie de la nuit. Par contre, je n'ai pu totalement contrôler les rêves : j'me disais "j'aimerais bien voler dans le ciel comme un oiseau" et n'ai pu le faire dans mon sommeil.

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Mukanya Kude (10 Grams)
Mukanya Kude (10 Grams)