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African Dream Seeds (1 seed)

African Dream Seeds (1 seed)

African Dream Seeds are known for their longstanding cultural significance, lucky nature, and the ability to bestow vivid and memorable dreams. Easy to prepare and consume, Entada Rheedii seeds ensure a lively slumber.

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African Dream Seeds: Entada Rheedii Induces vivid and memorable dreams

African Dream Seeds, also known as Entada Rheedii Seeds, Bream Beans, Gogo, Sea Bean and Snuff Box Sea Bean, are large seeds that grow in giant, durable seed pods. Entada Rheedii is a woody climber plant that tends to grow near rivers and waterways – where it can deposit its seeds for natural distribution. It is for this reason that African Dream Seeds can be found on beaches across the world, as well as growing in the wilds of Asia and Australia. The seeds that drop into rivers are carried out to sea, and travel thousands of miles across the globe. The seeds themselves have a thick, resilient outer coating that keeps them protected during their monumental journey.

African Dream Seeds have been used by indigenous tribes of Africa for centuries. Valued as an important herbal remedy, it was also used in shamanic practices as a way to connect to the spirits. The seeds are also said to bring good fortune, which is why they are carried as a talisman.

Due to the plants ability to spread its seeds across the world, African Dream Seed is viewed differently culture to culture, but what most of these views have in common is the acknowledgment that these seeds are “magic”.


The main effect of the flesh of the African Dream Seeds is to increase the user's awareness during sleep, and improve the recall of dream experiences. The often vivid dreams are said to connect the dreamer to the spirit world, where communication with ancestral spirits is possible. The quality of sleep is also said to increase.

African Dream Seeds also have secondary, medicinal effects. In tribal medicine, the seeds have been in use for centuries. For example, a salve made from the seed is said to reduce inflammation and ease joint pain.

Preparation and dosage

African Dream seed can be consumed in one of two recommended ways. Firstly, you will need to crack open the hard outer shell to get to the flesh inside. A hammer and chisel can be helpful here. Once you have the flesh you can eat it raw, as is. It is quite tasty, the flavour is somewhat similar to a macadamia nut, and can make a great addition to a pre-bedtime snack. Alternatively, you can take the flesh, grind or cut it up and smoke it, by itself, or in combination with other herbs.

The recommended dose is one seed's worth of flesh, just before you go to bed. Although if you are smoking it, you will not likely use this much.

Active compounds

Although the seeds has been used for centuries, very little clinical research has been conducted into the compounds of these seeds. What research has been done, has found that the seeds contain saponins, fatty oils and psychoactive alkaloids – though the alkaloids have not yet been identified.


There are no currently known side effects or warnings for consuming African Dream Seeds. However, since there is not much research available on Entada Rheedii, we advise a healthy dose of caution.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should abstain and it is advised to seek out professional medical advice.


African Dream Seeds are not known to us to be illegal anywhere.


    By on 02/May/2017 :

    Title : A bitter disappointment
    Comment : I purchased one of these seeds with my last order. I was pretty excited to try it out, and so last night I did. It was a real struggle cracking open the seed. I guess I should have realized nothing that tough to crack was meant for me to consume. But I persisted and eventually got it open. The taste. I was expecting a delicious nutty flavor and was therefore bitterly disappointed. I mean that very literally, the taste was kind of nutty I'll admit, but very very bitter. It was in fact so bitter that I had a hard time eating all of it without retching. I guess that was another clue that I shouldn't have been eating it. I figured all the struggle would be paid off in vivid lucid dreams like I've never experienced before. Unfortunately, I didn't experience any excess vividness or lucidity. In fact, all the effect I got out of it was a numb tongue. Well, it's only kind of numb actually. It kind of hurts a bit as I'm sitting here trying to break my fast. All in all, I don't think this is something I'll ever try again I'm sad to say.

    By on 12/Oct/2016 :

    Title : working shit
    Comment : very nice

    By on 05/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Niets.
    Comment : Vreselijke smaak, bijna niet weg te krijgen en lijkt in niets op macadamia (stond dat op deze site?..) Tong en lippen voelen pijnlijk na het eten, en dan niets. Geen effect.

    By on 19/Feb/2016 :

    Title : Natürlich und schön
    Comment : Ein üppiger Samen, dessen Farbnuance mit keinen adretteren Adjektiv, als negus zu bezeichnen wäre. Mich würde jedoch interessieren, ob sie noch Keimfähig sind ... Nach meinen mit ihm gesammelten Erfahrungen und Eindrücken, stellte ich fest, dass dieser Negus-Samen die Aktivität der Zirbeldrüse positiv affektiert. Tipp an Alle die ihr Ganja pur genießen; positioniert diesen Samen auf eurem Kopf - desto näher an der Zirbeldrüse desto besser - während ihr den ersten Blunt oder die erste Pfeife des Abends raucht. Es wird als kleinen Katalysator dienen, um euch in einen meditativen Zustand zu befördern. Rasta says so.

    By on 16/Nov/2015 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : I bought it as a talisman.

    By :

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    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By on 28/Jan/2014 :

    Title : gusto disgustoso
    Comment : ha un orribile gusto, non sono riuscito a mangiarlo!

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