African Dream Seeds (1 seed)


African Dream Seeds are known for their longstanding cultural significance, lucky nature, and the ability to bestow vivid and memorable dreams. Easy to prepare and consume, Entada Rheedii seeds ensure a lively slumber.

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African Dream Seeds: Entada Rheedii Induces vivid and memorable dreams

African Dream Seeds, also known as Entada Rheedii Seeds, Bream Beans, Gogo, Sea Bean and Snuff Box Sea Bean, are large seeds that grow in giant, durable seed pods. Entada Rheedii is a woody climber plant that tends to grow near rivers and waterways – where it can deposit its seeds for natural distribution. It is for this reason that African Dream Seeds can be found on beaches across the world, as well as growing in the wilds of Asia and Australia. The seeds that drop into rivers are carried out to sea, and travel thousands of miles across the globe. The seeds themselves have a thick, resilient outer coating that keeps them protected during their monumental journey.

African Dream Seeds have been used by indigenous tribes of Africa for centuries. It was also used in shamanic practices as a way to connect to the spirits. The seeds are also said to bring good fortune, which is why they are carried as a talisman.

Due to the plants ability to spread its seeds across the world, African Dream Seed is viewed differently culture to culture, but what most of these views have in common is the acknowledgment that these seeds are “magic”.


The main effect of the flesh of the African Dream Seeds is to increase the user's awareness during sleep, and improve the recall of dream experiences. The often vivid dreams are said to connect the dreamer to the spirit world, where communication with ancestral spirits is possible. The quality of sleep is also said to increase.

Preparation and dosage

African Dream seed can be consumed in one of two recommended ways. Firstly, you will need to crack open the hard outer shell to get to the flesh inside. A hammer and chisel can be helpful here. Once you have the flesh you can eat it raw, as is. It is quite tasty, the flavour is somewhat similar to a macadamia nut, and can make a great addition to a pre-bedtime snack.

The recommended dose is one seed's worth of flesh, just before you go to bed. Although if you are smoking it, you will not likely use this much.

Active compounds

Although the seeds has been used for centuries, very little clinical research has been conducted into the compounds of these seeds. What research has been done, has found that the seeds contain saponins, fatty oils and psychoactive alkaloids – though the alkaloids have not yet been identified.

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Reviews (30)

    Ça ne marche pas à tous les coups mais quand ça marche Wahouuuu sympa les rêves. Une vraie psychanalyse


    Strong lucid dream.
    I broke the seed, eat the meat from them. Take a relaxant cup of passiflora and go to sleep. I start to apply the WILD technique to start directly the lucid dream. After half an hour of deep meditation, I fall asleep and start to dream very strong. Vivid colours, lucid dreams, more stable episodes.


    Goed product voor te dromen. Ik leg de pit onder mijn kussen voor ik slaap. Dit geeft me 2 a 3 dromen per nacht en 1 keer om de 2 maanden een lucide droom.


    Not cool
    No effect AND it reacted with my mouth and throat. Felt sick for 2 days after and had a swollen tongue and throat




    Sadly ineffective
    In general I have vivid dreams and pretty good recall for part of them. Wether or not the night I ate this was a night where that part was lacking, who knows. Other than that it seemed like a dream inhibitor for this one.


    aucun effet particulier l'intérieur de la graine était tout noir et il semblerait que cela devrait être de la chair blanche alors peut-être que le problème venait de là


    Pas conquis
    Aucun effet. J'ai dormis, je me suis réveille, j'étais content d'être vivant. Je n'avais fais pas fais d'extra rêves. Il m'est arrivé de faire de plus belles nuits. pour moi, çà ou une banane même effet.


    I like
    Geeft inderdaad levendige dromen. Als je zelf aan de techniek werkt van lucide dromen is dit een geweldige starter. Het wegwerken van het harde vruchtvlees is wel even een karwei.


    De noot kraken was even een karweitje. Ik heb hem klem gezet onder de poot van mijn zitbank en erop getikt met een hamer. Hij was wel zo mooi gespleten dat ik hem weer aan elkaar kon lijmen en als geluksbrenger mee kan dragen .;-) De te consumeren substantie was keihard en heb ik in heet water laten weken waarna het enigszins kauwbaar was. De smaak is inderdaad niet erg fijn maar je moet er wat voor over hebben nietwaar. “Bitter in de mond maakt het hart gezond” zoals het spreekwoord luidt. Voor al deze moeite werd ik beloond met wel vijf (5) dromen die ik de volgende dag kon reproduceren! Ik ben mij nu aan het inlezen in de materie want er schuilt een techniek die je je kan aanleren achter lucide dromen. Een hele interessante nieuwe hobby wat mij betreft, ik heb dus al wat meer droomnoten klaarliggen voor toekomstig gebruik.

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African Dream Seeds (1 seed)
African Dream Seeds (1 seed)