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History of LSA

MexicoSeeds from tropical liana containing LSA have reportedly been used in Mexico for centuries. It was first documented in the late 16th century by Spanish conquistadors that priests of the indigenous Mexican tribes would consume the seeds in order to communicate with gods. It was reported that upon consumption, the native shamans would enter a delirium and experience divine visions.

The Spanish conquistadors considered the rituals a diabolic blasphemy and attempted to stop its use as well as prevent knowledge from spreading. LSA seeds were rediscovered in 1941, when enthobotanist Richard Schultes reported of their usage dating back to Aztec times. Later, it was reported to be used in ceremonies of the Zapotec Indians.

Chichen itzaSamples of Ololiuqui (Turbina corymbosa) seeds have been sent to Albert Hofmann, the creator of LSD, for analysis – he was surprised to find the active compounds to be remarkably similar to LSD. First self-experiments are reported to have made him feel tired and put him in a dream like state.




LSA seeds