Zamnesia Grow Pack


Everyone has their own tips and tricks when it comes to growing great cannabis plants. Save yourself the hassle of home remedies and pick up the Zamnesia Grow Pack. This handy pack is loaded with everything you need to get 3 plants from seed to harvest and beyond! Perfect for beginners and the experienced alike. See, taste, and smell the difference with this pack of potent helpers and accessories.

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Zamnesia - Grow Pack: Everything You Need To Cultivate Superior Cannabis

Selecting the best nutrients and growing aids for your cannabis plants can sometimes be a tricky and confusing task. However, it needn't be! Here at Zamnesia, we've put together a great grow pack that's designed to help your strains flourish from seed to harvest. Bring out the best in your plants with the Zamnesia Grow Pack.

What are you getting?

This handy pack features everything you need to raise three plants, all in one convenient set. Beginning with the Smart Start, this minimum fuss pack contains 20 individual compost-filled pots that will allow your seeds to germinate with ease. Simply plant your seeds, water, and use the packet of stimulator mix provided, and you'll begin to see your seedlings in no time at all.

But, what do you do once your seedlings are just about to outgrow their Smart Start pot? Easy, move them into the secure and ample 11-litre Geotextile Fabric Pots. The fabric allows the roots to be kept in pristine condition and the substrate to remain moist, creating the optimal growing conditions for any strain.

These pots are robust and can easily be moved should you need to. If you want to jot down some vital information, such as when you planted your seedlings, the included 5-pack of Zamnesia Pot Markers will give you a clear indication.

If you feel your soil isn't quite giving your plants the right kind of environment to flourish, don't panic! Included in the Grow Pack are a few treats that will perk up your ladies. First, mix in the Monster Bud Mix Organic Fertiliser into your pots, as this will cover all your plants' nutritional needs. You can even pair this with the Buddy Mix Pack, a helpful little sachet that improves soil conditions further and strengthens the roots.

Monster Bud Boost Pack

If that wasn't enough, we've even included our hugely popular collaboration product with fertiliser and nutrient experts Bionova. The Monster Bud Boost Pack is a trio of potent pick-me-ups for your plants that is guaranteed to give you the best buds. Made up of three fertilisers, each packed with essential vitamins and stimulants, these boosting bottles are each designed for a specific time in the growing cycle.

With the Monster Bud Boost Pack, you can expect huge buds that are bursting with great aromas and flavours. Unsure of when to administer the fertiliser? With the simple guide included, you'll never miss a feed or an opportunity to maximise your plants' potential.

Storage and curing

Lastly, once those buds are ready to be harvested and cured, you're going to need somewhere to put them. That's why we've included an extra-large Weed Curing Jar. Made from extra-thick glass and featuring a rubber ring and a galvanised wire bracket, your buds will be safe in this mason jar. Once loaded up, the nugs will be ready to use whenever you need them (after a sufficient cure, of course).

The Zamnesia Grow Pack features a whole host of products that will make your home growing project an easy and rewarding task. Get the best out of your plants today. All you need to do is supply your own seeds and water, and you're basically there!

Contents of Zamnesia Grow Pack:

  • 1x Smart Start
  • 1x Zamnesia Pot Marker (5 pcs)
  • 1x Weed Curing Jar - (Size: Xtra Large)
  • 1x Buddy Mix Pack NUTRIENT
  • 3x Geotextile Fabric Pot - (Size: 11 Litre)
  • 3x Monster Bud Mix Organic Fertiliser
  • 2x Monster Bud Boost Pack

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    All in One
    ...zum durchstarten alles dabei!

    M. W.

    Sehr nützlich und es ist alles dabei
    Ein wirklich brauchbares nützliches set alles dabei was man braucht außer die Samen wäre cool wenn man sich bei dem Set aussuchen könnte ob man es mit 11 Liter oder 15 Liter Töpfen nehmen möchte

    A. O.
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Pack content

Smart Start

Smart Start is simply the easiest way of successfully germinating your cannabis seeds, with minimum fuss and maximum success. It consists of a compact tray of 20 tiny pots filled with compost, plus a packet of Stimulator Mix for activating the essential microbial life. Smart Start for optimum germination – just add water and...

€ 6,25 € 5,31
In stock

Pot Markers (Zamnesia) 5 pcs

Cleanliness is next to godliness. When growing several plants of different strains, it is crucial to keep everything well-organized. These pot markers will help you with this task. Write all the required data on them ... date of sowing, strain, required EC-level and so on and you will never confound your precious babies again. Content: 5 pcs. Dimensions: 12 x 4,5cm.

€ 0,95 € 0,76
In stock

Weed Curing Jar - (Size : Xtra Large)

You probably won’t find better weed curing jars than these quality mason jars “Made in Germany”. The jars are made from extra thick glass and feature a rubber ring and galvanized wire bracket for a 100% airtight seal. Available in 4 sizes: Small (255ml), Medium (400ml), Large (800ml) and Xtra Large (1140ml).

€ 6,95
In stock

Buddy Mix Pack NUTRIENT

The plants in this nutrient pack are great for improving the soil and surrounding environs of your cannabis plants. Some allow the plant to be supported by a root structure that increases drainage. Others literally act as natural, living mineral injectors, starting with nitrogen.

€ 4,99 € 2,25
Out of stock

Geotextile Fabric Pot - (Size : 11L)

Keep your plant's roots in pristine condition with this Zamnesia Fabric Pot. The vessel allows air to flow through the sides while keeping the substrate hydrated and moist. The durable material can handle one grow operation after the other.

€ 5,99 € 4,79
In stock

Monster Bud Mix Fertilizer

Monster Bud Mix contains everything your plants require from germination to harvest time. The natural, vegan mix covers all nutritional needs and enhances soil biodiversity.

€ 4,95 € 4,21
In stock

Monster Bud Boost Pack

Are your plants in serious need of a pick-me-up? Or are you just looking to give your plants the best start to that crucial flowering stage? We've got you covered. The Monster Bud Boost Pack has the potential to give you some healthy, sweet, and bountiful buds. With so many features of note, let's take a look at what this trio has to offer.

€ 9,95
In stock
Zamnesia Grow Pack
Zamnesia Grow Pack
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