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The Starter Sets by Plagron contain all the nutrients for growing one plant from seed to harvest. These Starter Sets are ideal if you are a first-time grower, since they contain everything you need in one set. They are also great if you want to experiment with Plagron products. Plagron Starter Kits are available in two versions: Starter Kit 100% TERRA and Starter Kit 100% NATURAL.

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Type: 100% Terra € 6,79
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  • Type: 100% Terra € 6,79
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Type: 100% Terra € 6,79 In stock
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Plagron - Starter Set: All You Need For One Plant, In One Set

With Starter Sets by Plagron you get all the nutrients to grow one plant. They are available in two different versions: Plagron Starter Set 100% TERRA and Plagron Starter Set 100% NATURAL. Each comes with a growing nutrient, a nutrient for flowering and a root stimulator.

Plagron Starter Kits are ideal for first-time growers, who can simply get one set of nutrients and won't need any other additives. They’re also a great way if you simply want to try out the Plagron products.


Plagron Starter Set 100% TERRA consists of 3 essential Plagron products for growing one plant. It consists of Plagron nutrients: Terra Grow for the growing phase, Terra Bloom for the flowering phase and Power Roots, which is a stimulating additive that ensures optimal root development.

Terra Grow

Plagron Terra Grow NPK 3-1-3 is a highly concentrated mineral nutrient for the growing phase of your plants. This liquid nutrient contains all the required minerals for healthy growth and provides a solid base for flowering later on. Terra Grow is suitable for all kinds of substrates and you can use it also with any other liquid plant foods and additives.

Terra Bloom

Plagron Terra Bloom NPK 2-2-4 is a highly concentrated mineral nutrient for the flowering phase of your plants. This liquid plant food ensures optimal fertilization during flowering and supports and promotes fruit setting for big harvests. Terra Bloom is suitable for all types of substrates and you can use it together with any liquid food and all additives.

Power Roots

Plagron Power Roots NPK 0-0-2 stimulates the growth of the roots of your plants. When added during the growth phase, and in the first weeks of flowering, it ensures optimal nutrient intake and maximum resistances, for strong and healthy plants. This biological root stimulator works quickly and is absorbed almost immediately by the plant.


The Starter Set 100% NATURAL contains all the nutrients for growing one plant organically. It consists of 100% natural products that are suitable for organic farming (certified by CU). The Plagron Starter Set 100% NATURAL includes Alga Grow, Alga Bloom and Power Roots, each in a 50ml bottle.

Alga Grow

Plagron Alga Grow NPK 4-2-4 is an optimally balanced combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that can be directly absorbed by your plant. With Alga Grow, an algae-based nutrient, you can ensure optimum growth for your plant on a purely natural basis. This nutrient will also provide a solid foundation for the plant’s next phase, which is flowering.

Alga Bloom

Plagron Alga Bloom NPK 3-2-5 is a liquid organic mineral nutrient, a combination of phosphorus and potassium. The phosphorus in Plagron Alga Bloom supports healthy roots and is the base for strong and abundant flowering. Potassium is responsible for transporting nutrients to all parts of the plant and increases resistances and overall health. Algae-based, Plagron Alga Bloom ensures optimal flowering and is directly absorbed by your plant.

Power Roots

Plagron Power Roots NPK 0-0-2 is a biological additive that stimulates the growth of the roots. When given during the growing phase and in the first weeks of flowering, Power Roots improves your plant’s resistances and health. With Power Roots, your plants can optimally take in nutrients for strong and healthy growth. Power Roots is highly concentrated so it works well in small amounts and it is quickly absorbed by your plants.

Plagron Starter Set data sheet
Quantity 3 x 50ml

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Reviews (58)

    Engrais de super bonne qualité




    Ich benutze die Substanzen bei all meinen Sanmen und Pflanzen. Bin sehr zufrieden


    All you need
    ..for a plant after being put in a bigger Pot..3-4 Weeks after forst start. Be carefull, is realy strong and it give to much plants could die.:/ Happy Harvest


    Bin begeistert


    Reicht für den Anfang


    Muy buen producto para conocer y probar este paquete de fertilizantes, la cantidad es muy justa por lo que si quieres aplicarlo a tus plantas de un modo más general recomiendo comprar más cantidad


    engrais au top je recommancde pour un plant petite bouteille mais satisfaite du résultat. merci


    Bien recu le pack demandé. Pour faire le chiant disons que ca manque d'explications sur ce produit pour un debutant.


    Heel hoed

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Plagron Starter Set
Plagron Starter Set
Plagron Starter Set
Plagron Starter Set
Plagron Starter Set
Plagron Starter Set