Top 10 Cannabis-Related Gifts Under €10

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Budget Cannabis Gifts

We've all been there, buying presents on a budget. Click here and check out the dopest cannabis gifts, which cost almost nothing, man!


Spent all your money on weed? Gotta buy a gift for your friend? We’re here to provide you with affordable cannabis gifts for your beloved tokers. Every item on this list costs below €10, perfect for your current financial status. Let’s get real, if you had money for fancy gifts, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. But remember, it’s the thought that counts.

The following gifts shall express your care and shared cannabis interests with your recipients. Let’s check out these dank presents!


Cannabis Condoms

Tender ganja love is a highly desired endeavour. There’s no better way to spread the love than by gifting your friend or partner with cannabis-inspired condoms. These “Blowdom” latex condoms with silicone-based lube taste and smell like hemp.

This gift is funny, affordable, and mediates the desire to keep your friend STD-free, which automatically grants you “friend of the year” award. Remember that these condoms are intended for sex, not for smoking or consumption.


Flavoured Rolling Papers

Rolling joints is an art; it’s a craft that requires proper tools to construct a masterpiece. To roll the perfect J, one requires high-quality rolling equipment such as Juicy Jay's Flavored King Size papers.

This affordable gift is the ultimate cannabis gift for your ganja connoisseur friend. All tokers need rolling papers - and love. This gift contains both. For ultimate friendship gains, give these rolling papers to your gift recipient, and offer to roll a fatty. Mad respect follows.


Torch Hyper Lighter

For all your hyper friends, the Torch Hyper Lighter is the ultimate gift. Since you’re broke, this affordable lighter is the perfect gift. All cannabis enthusiasts require a solid lighter, which burns that MJ with great precision. Torch lighters are powerful and very precise.

Your veteran ganja friend has surely had hundreds of lighters unintentionally stolen by other toker friends - an extra is always worth having around. The shape of this lighter is perfect for bong-toking endeavors, and overall functionality.


The Smokeey

As joint smokers, we encounter real issues in our lives. During an intense Call of Duty sesh, there’s no time to pass the joint, or to receive it. Smokeey is the perfect device to help you hold the joint, without debilitating your gaming performance.

If your friend smokes J’s and plays video games, trust us, this gift will be much appreciated. Of course, Smokeey can also be purchased as an engagement ring. Your beloved counterpart will say “Yes!” We promise. If not, you deserve someone better.


The Soapstone Pipe

Get stoned with your mate with the Soapstone Pipe Smooth. This gift will produce many delightful memories for the future. This affordable pipe is fantastic for potheads wishing to get ancient. Ensure that the pipe is loaded with some high-quality dank, exuding delightful aromas.

Next, light up. Whether a birthday present or a 4/20 gift, this amazing pipe shall boost your friendship status by 420%. This old-school pipe is very durable, perfect for clumsy tokers.


Cannabis Seeds Zamnesia

Some leading seedbanks like Zamnesia Seeds, Zativo Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds offer single-seed packets for under €10! Below are some of the best strains to gift to your closest of stoner kin.


One tender and passionate night, Respect 13 and Juanita la Lagrimosa decided to make sweet love without the Blowdom condom. As a result, the amazing Royal Highness came to light. This 40% indica and 60% sativa induces balanced highs, perfect for any festivity. This gift is ideal for your ganja grower mates, who are continuously looking for the dankest of the dank.


Amnesia Haze is a powerful strain, much appreciated by the vast majority of ganja warriors. This sativa delight won an abundance of awards, and continues to shape the collective cannabis consciousness. The THC levels are super high and the yields are immense. Purchase this gift for anyone interested in perpetuating the dank legacy of Amnesia Haze.


Don’t have the funds to purchase a ticket to the Caribbean for your mate? Why not purchase some Pineapple Kush seeds, which will transport them to the tropics at an affordable price! This strain emanates the true spirit of paradise, wrapped in shiny trichomes and tasty terpenes. This 80% indica and 20% sativa couch-locks the consumer with breezy vibes and happy thoughts.


Old-School Glass Pipes

These old-school glass pipes are super classy. The kaleidoscopic colours enhance the pipe smoking experience. Upon gifting your mate with this beautiful pipe, you shall be loved forever. It’s an affordable present, which must be packed with dank ganja.

These glass pipes are quite resistant, but don’t push your luck. Vaporizers are taking over the world, but sometimes, just sometimes, you wish to indulge in a smooth pipe hit.


Metal Grinder Hexagon

Whether you friend is a vape-head, a joint connoisseur, or a bong enthusiast, a solid grinder is essential to ensure the ultimate ganja experience. The Metal Grinder Hexagon looks like a million bucks, and functions perfectly to grind that weed with great ease.

Purchase this gift especially if your friend is using a plastic grinder obtained for free at a cannabis fair. Ganja tokers gotta stay classy and elegant; this grinder will ensure true respect from the cannabis community.


Glass Ashtray Leaf

This Glass Ashtray Leaf, in the shape of a fan leaf, must ornament the crib of every cannabis aficionado. Those old-school round ashtrays just don’t cut it anymore. This ashtray is a perfect gift for your stylish friend who keeps the crib clean and ash-free. The Glass Ashtray Leaf will ensure a perfect feng shui balance, delivering that zen magic. You can’t go wrong with this gift.  


Hemp Soap

Personal hygiene is an essential part of being accepted by society. Buy this present for your friend who loves hemp and/or struggles with personal hygiene. This soap weighs 35g and emanates delightful hemp aromas. Straight outta Amsterdam, this affordable gift shall provide your mate a perfectly soapy shower experience.

Write on the birthday card “Happy Birthday (insert name)! I know you love dope, so here’s some hemp soap!” Boom, you don’t have to spend time writing the card anymore. Time is money, and you’re broke - buy this soap.


It’s not easy buying a dope gift on a minimum wage salary. Go through all these suggestions and you’re sure to find something your friend can actually use. Remember that the very act of giving a cannabis gift shows that you’re involved in your friend’s interests and that you’re a dope friend yourself!

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