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In a nutshell, dabbing is defined as smoking the vapor of highly concentrated concoctions with cannabinoid percentages of 75 (allegedly reaching the 90+ range) and a purity that "regular" concentrates such as hash can only dream of. So, what do you need to "budder up" and have a dab? You need a concentrate, a "dabber", a blowtorch and what is commonly referred to as an "Oil Rig" or just "Rig". Oil rig is simply a name for a pipe that has been made specifically for taking a dab. These pipes come is two main styles: skillet and nail. A skillet and dome rig consists of a small metal plate attached to a swing arm and a dome above, that leads to the down stem of the "dab bong". A nail and globe rig utilizes a nail made of either quartz, titanium or glass and a glass tube or sphere to encase the nail and vapor. The "dabber" is a small rod made of either glass or metal which is used to dab the concentrate on the hot skillet or nail you heated using the torch.