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Dabbing is a great way to experience a super-concentrated form of cannabis. With THCa levels of anywhere between 40 and 90%, dabs (cannabis concentrates) are highly potent. Requiring just a few pieces of kit, dabbing is an enormously popular intake method among the cannabis community. But what exactly do you need to get started? No matter your budget, you can find a rig and accessories to suit your setup.

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BHO Mat (Zamnesia)

The Zamnesia BHO Mat combines a fibreglass and silicone construct into the ultimate non-stick mat for use with all your concentrates. Whether you are making or using, the high-grade oil-slick nature of this mat will ensure you get the job done with absolutely no wastage. It is an essential piece of kit for any concentrate enthusiast. 

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PieceMaker Kube Silicone Oil Bong

The Kube is an oil bong like no other. Its cube-shaped design is not only visually stunning but also highly functional, with all of its removable parts making it the ultimate portable accessory.

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Spin Cycle Mini Dab Rig (Goody Glass)

With practically everything you need for a successful dab (except for your chosen concentrate, of course!), the Spin Cycle Mini Dab Rig from Goody Glass is perfect for both beginners and those well-versed in all things dabbing. Perfectly portable, it is suitable for use at home and on the go. Use the included dab tool, banger, and carb cap, and you're on your way to ultimate flavour.

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Big Face Mini Dab Rig (Goody Glass)

Compact, easy to use and highly portable, Big Face Mini Dab Rig by Goody Glass can easily become your new best friend. It's got rave reviews from other dab lovers, so don't pass on trying this nifty piece for yourself. It produces smooth, cool vapor packed with flavour and it's made from heavy-duty Goody glass that's easy keep sparkling clean.

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Fabric Dab Mat Dancing Skellies (Grateful Dead x Pulsar)

This 8-inch dab mat is a collaboration between Grateful Dead and Pulsar, and it looks great. With dancing skeletons and an otherworldly design, this tasteful but intriguing mat will draw the eye deeper and deeper as you get down to dabbing. And, with its 5mm thick, shock-absorbent rubber, it’s more than up to the task.

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Dab Rig Lollipalooza (Pulsar)

Enjoy higher culture with this straightforward dab rig from Pulsar. Measuring 8.5 inches, this rig is super portable but doesn't skimp on quality or features. Like all Pulsar rigs, the Lollipalooza Dab Rig is made from top-shelf borosilicate glass and offers smooth, clean hits no matter where you are. Get yours at Zamnesia!

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Concentrate Rig Inline Swiss 8'' (NEU Glass)

In the market for a new glass dab rig? Look no further than the Concentrate Rig Inline Swiss by Neu Glass. Designed in Switzerland, this rig is packed with features that make for a comfortable, clean, and flavorful dabbing experience. Order yours from Zamnesia today.

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Emergence Hourglass Recycler Glass Dab Rig (Pulsar)

Pulsar glassware doesn't just look great—it's also super functional. This recycler dab rig has been specially designed to cycle water back into the main percolation chamber, minimizing splashback as you enjoy your favorite concentrates. Like all Pulsar pipes, the Emergence Hourglass rig is made from A-grade borosilicate glass and offers a super smooth dabbing experience.

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Shadow Lurking Shrooms Glass Dab Rig (Pulsar)

The Shadow Lurking Shrooms Glass Dab Rig by Pulsar is a visually stunning and highly functional piece designed for an enhanced experience. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this 7.25-inch tall rig features a 14mm quartz banger, a wide base and a large mouthpiece for user comfort. Inside, you'll find a trio of intricately designed mushrooms perched atop the disc percolator.

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Nectar Collector 18mm (Tsunami Glass)

Perfect for all concentrates, the Nectar Collector 18mm from Tsunami Glass is the all-in-one way to enjoy your resins and waxes. The Nectar Collector comes with a glass bowl, plastic bowl, glass nail, titanium nail, and percolator—everything you need for all types of concentrates. It's ideal for home use, but is also suitable for taking on the go.

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IsoPlex Concentrate & Cleaning Station (Hemper)

Keep all of your cleaning accessories organized with this heat-resistant, non-stick cleaning station from Hemper. This functional stand doesn't just hold everything you need to keep smoking devices in tip-top condition, but it even has a phone holder and a removable Iso funnel. Combine that with the unit's medical-grade silicone construction, and you have a must-have accessory for dab...

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Double Honeycomb Turbine Dab Rig 8″ (Tsunami Glass)

Supercharge your smoking experience with the Double Honeycomb Turbine Dab Rig 8″ from Tsunami Glass. Featuring dual honeycomb percolators, this seemingly simple rig offers maximum filtration and cooling for smooth hits loaded with aroma, flavor, and potency. Regardless of what you're smoking, this rig will provide an unbeatable experience.

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Shower Head Recycler Dab Rig 9″ (Tsunami Glass)

Enjoy your concentrates and dry herbs the right way with this dab rig from Tsunami Glass. Measuring just 9", the Shower Head Recycler Dab Rig is portable and comfortable to use. Plus, despite its compact design, the rig comes packed with features that deliver full-flavored, cool, and smooth hits on the go or at home.

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Barrel Showerhead Drum Honeycomb Bong 20'' (Tsunami Glass)

If you're in the market for an elaborate piece of glass that offers a sophisticated smoking experience, look no further. Introducing the Barrel Showerhead Drum Honeycomb Bong 20'' from Tsunami Glass. Featuring two chambers and multiple percolators, this water pipe offers exceptionally smooth, cool, and full-flavored hits, regardless of whether you're smoking herb or vaping dabs.

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Sprinkler Shower Head Recycler Bong 20'' (Tsunami Glass)

Glass pipes shouldn't just smoke well—they should also boast some wow factor. That's where the Sprinkler Shower Head Recycler Bong from Tsunami Glass comes in. Featuring multiple percolators and a unique neck that swirls your smoke before you inhale, this is the perfect glassware to turn up the heat at your next session.

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Sprinkler Cube Perc Bong 14'' (Tsunami Glass)

Since 2011, Tsunami Glass dedicated itself to elevating the smoking experience with premium glassware, vapes, and accessories. The Sprinkler Cube Perc Bong is made from sturdy borosilicate glass and packed with features that make for a smooth, flavourful smoking experience. Whether you're into dry herbs, concentrates, or both, Tsunami Glass Sprinkler Cube will help you get lit in style.

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Bong Beaker Base Ice Catcher 15'' (Tsunami Glass)

Every smoker needs a decent bong to round out their glassware collection. Whether you're a veteran toker or a rookie, this classic beaker bong from Tsunami Glass allows you to easily enjoy everything from dry herbs to sticky concentrates. Best of all, its robust design will provide an excellent smoking experience every time—all at an affordable price.

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Concentrate Rig Shower Head Swiss 9'' (Tsunami Glass)

Whether you're new to the world of concentrates or an experienced dabber, this 9" Concentrate Rig from Tsunami Glass will make an excellent addition to your glassware collection. For first-time users, this rig serves as the perfect introduction to the world of dabbing, while more experienced users will love its portable size and excellent functionality.

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Side Neck Shower Head Dab Rig 10'' (Tsunami Glass)

Are you a rule breaker? Do you want your glassware to express your unconventional free spirit? Look no further than the Side Neck Shower Head Rig 10'' from Tsunami Glass. Featuring an unconventional design with an angled neck that's still super comfortable to use, this is the perfect glass piece for out-there tokers. Best of all, it's compatible with dry herbs and concentrates.

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Side Neck Honey Turbine Dab Rig 9" (Tsunami Glass)

The Side Neck Honey Turbine Dab Rig 9" from Tsunami Glass expertly blends a compact form with big, flavorful hits. Thanks to a double filtration design incorporating two honeycomb percolators, you can sit pretty knowing the tastiest, smoothest hits await.

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Shower Head Dab Rig 11" (Tsunami Glass)

The Shower Head Dab Rig 11" from Tsunami Glass may look simple to the unassuming eye, but this wide-based water pipe offers a ton of features: a super sturdy borosilicate glass design, a rimmed mouthpiece for comfort, and, of course, a shower head percolator. If you're in the market for flavorful hits of your favorite concentrate, this is the rig for you.

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Shower Head Swiss Recycler Dab Rig 13'' (Tsunami Glass)

Behold the madness with the Shower Head Swiss Recycler Dab Rig 13'' from Tsunami Glass. If you think this water pipe looks crazy from the outside, wait until you take a hit. The shower head percolator, straight tube, flared mouthpiece, and double-arm recycler design combine for some of the tastiest hits around. At an impressive 13 inches tall, this is a rig like no other.

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Shower Head Swiss Dab Rig 11'' (Tsunami Glass)

The Shower Head Swiss Dab Rig 11" by Tsunami Glass is a versatile water pipe that can be used with dry herbs or concentrates. Best of all, true to the quality that Tsunami Glass stands for, the Shower Head Swiss Dab Rig comes packed with simple yet highly effective features that produce smooth hits and a comfortable smoking experience—whether you are smoking dabs or herb.

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Shower Head Globe Dab Rig 11'' (Tsunami Glass)

Looking for a traditional bong that doesn't skimp on features or aesthetics? The Shower Head Globe Dab Rig 11'' by Tsunami Glass boasts a classic spherical design, a comfortable rounded neck, and a stunning polished glass finish. Like all Tsunami Glass pipes, however, there's more to this rig than just its great look and feel—it also produces exceptionally smooth and flavorful hits, without...

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Buy dabbing rigs and equipment at Zamnesia

Buy dabbing rigs and equipment at Zamnesia

If you love cannabis concentrates, resins, and waxes, then you're probably already pretty well-versed in dabbing. However, if you're new to the scene, you might have the assumption that it’s a tricky venture to get into—but that's simply not the case! With just a few products, you'll be good to go. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from based on your preferences and budget.

What is dabbing?

First things first—what exactly is dabbing? In cannabis culture, dabbing is the name given to a process that produces vapor through the heating of cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are used in conjunction with a certain type of water pipe, known as a dab rig. The dab rig consists of a mouthpiece, percolator, chamber, downstem, and, most importantly, a banger, otherwise known as a "nail". Instead of a conventional bowl that you would use for cannabis flower, the nail is bucket-shaped and more heat resistant, allowing you to easily and safely add and vaporize your concentrates.

In terms of potency, dabbing can be an extremely high-octane affair. Cannabis concentrates can clock in with THCa levels of up to 80%—sometimes even more! This is in comparison to cannabis flower, which contains around 10–30% THCa. That said, dabbing tends to be a smoother and less-harsh experience compared to smoking, as heat is applied to the banger/nail, rather than directly to the concentrate.

How to start dabbing

So, how do you get into dabbing? Fortunately, all the equipment you need is available at the Zamnesia store. However, it's worth noting that we do not sell concentrates; those must be sourced through other means or crafted by you.

1️⃣ Find your perfect dab rig

Much like conventional bongs, dab rigs come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Finding one that suits your style and budget is the primary objective. While we've touched upon manually heated glass dab rigs, it's possible to purchase electronic ones (aka e-rigs) too. Though the former require the use of a flame, the latter are much more hands-off. With this technology, though, comes a higher price point.

If this is your first foray into dabbing, you may want to choose a cost-effective “manual” rig as opposed to a fancier device or an electronic rig. But those looking to optimise the dabbing experience will certainly find some spectacular and streamlined devices on offer.

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2️⃣ Select a suitable heat source

Next, you'll need to pick out a suitable heat source to use with your dab rig. As mentioned, an electronic device will automatically heat your concentrates, so there's no need for any additional help. But when it comes to manual rigs, you'll need a reliable means of melting your concentrates. A conventional lighter will not do the trick; you'll need a butane torch to provide a constant flame to heat the banger/nail.

3️⃣ Select a suitable container to store your dabs

When it comes to storing your concentrates, it’s important to recognise that they can be very sticky to handle, so not any old box will do. The last thing you want is to lose some of your stash because you simply can't remove it from the container! Silicone containers are highly favoured as they provide a non-stick storage solution. Trust us; it'll make your dabbing life a whole lot easier!

4️⃣ Pick your preferred dabbing tools

Again, as we're dealing with sticky concentrates, as well as heat, it's vital to use the right kind of tools. While some dab rigs come complete with everything you need to get started, you can also purchase these tools individually. Perhaps the most crucial tool is a dabber, or dab tool. This is, usually, a metal rod used to apply concentrates to the banger without burning your hands (or getting them sticky). Titanium is considered one of the best materials for a dab tool, given its ability to withstand extreme heat. You’ll also find carb caps to place over your banger to keep vapor from escaping.

Producing your own dabs

While you won't be able to purchase concentrates directly from Zamnesia, you can buy the materials to make them. Everything from cannabis seeds to BHO extractors are readily available. However, making your own dabs can be a tricky and potentially dangerous process. BHO extractors use butane gas to process the trichomes from cannabis buds. Of course, with a bit of practice and a safe approach, you'll have a concentrate source on tap whenever you need it.

Get your dab on today

As you can probably tell by this point, the prospect of using a dab rig needn't be a daunting one. All it takes is a rig and a couple accessories, and you're good to go. At Zamnesia, you’ll find all the top-quality dabbing equipment you need, regardless of your preferences and budget. Place your order today, and get paired up with a dab rig that will see you right.