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Delicious SeedsThere are 32 cannabis strains

Delicious Seeds is dedicated to provide pleasure and quality to all Mary Jane lovers around the world. With Delicious Seeds you'll be able to push open the door to your own garden eden with divine plants of mythical power and mind opening highs. Delicious Seeds is operating its creational work in sunny Spain and is a source of top quality cannabis seeds with exclusive genetics, bringing forth strains with new flavors and awesome yields. Names like music, La Bella Afrodita, La Musa or La Frutta Di Venus, reflect their love for the beauty, grace and elegance of mother natures floral gifts to mankind. Delicious Seeds is a well of superbly refined autoflowering and feminized seeds, catering to any wish or need you could possibly imagine. Mindblowing high, heavy body buzz or a combination of both - Delicious Seeds delivers. By purchasing Delicious Seeds seeds you acknowledge the divinity of Mary Jane and her holy fruit!