Jägg Kush (Delicious Seeds) feminized


Jägg Kush is another great strain in the already rich line of super strains created by Delicious Seeds. A sativa-dominant hybrid that excels in indoor conditions and provides a top-class yield of 1 gram per watt of lighting. Not only is Jägg Kush a heavy yielder but its buds boast high THC levels of 25% and a carefully bred terpene composition that is sure to enchant every smoker.

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Delicious Seeds - Jägg Kush: Sativa-dominant hybrid with superb yields

The hardworking breeding team at Delicious Seeds has once more created a strain tailored to perfectly match the ever-growing need of the cannabis market. Jägg Kush is the name the strain goes by, and behind it lies a rich genetic background: Sweet Warlock, Jagged and Jack Flash being the immediate family. What will put a smile on any cannabis connoisseur’s face is the knowledge that the world famous Jack Herer is also playing a significant part in Jägg Kush’s family tree - a true fiesta of exquisite genes making a great 60 % sativa hybrid.

Jägg Kush is a feminized strain suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. When growing it outdoors, harvesting happens in early October, and the crop may yield 900g/plant. Despite being a reliable and resistant plant for outdoor growing, the true value of Jägg Kush becomes apparent in an indoor growing environment. The maturation period for the plant is quite short, only 60-70 days. What is most impressive is the phenomenal yield the strain provides at 600g/m2, averaging one g/watt of lighting used. The plant’s indica background makes for short internodal distances, which in turn make the buds more frequent and the yield so big. Such great growing traits place Jägg Kush at the very top of the today's cannabis, exactly what Delicious Seeds is aiming for with each single one of their strains.

When growing Jägg Kush you will immediately notice an undeniable beauty in the richness of color of its calyx-infested buds, ridden with fiery orange pistils. One look at the sea of green that is the buds of Jägg Kush, and it will become apparent that the strain is resin-rich and potent due to all those highly visible trichomes. The plant features one big main bud with smaller buds flourishing in a dense forest below. The flavor is that of citrus fruit, quite common in Delicious Seeds’ strains. With THC levels at 25% and a uniquely modulated terpene profile, you get a very strong cerebral sativa high with some relaxing, but not debilitating, bodily effects accompanied by smooth, suiting and unobtrusive sweet aromas that complete the smoking experience. The sensations you’ll feel while being high range from initial relaxation to feeling energetic and uplifting, and experiencing happiness and even euphoria in some cases. Great for hanging out with friends or relieving some of the symptoms of severe stress or depression.

For all those that have grown or smoked cannabis grown from Delicious Seeds’ strains, one thing is clear: Jägg Kush is a masterfully created strain, continuing their tradition of creating only the best strains today’s cannabis market has to offer. Very versatile when it comes to growing, yet truly exceptional in indoor conditions, Jägg Kush will certainly find its home in the arsenal of true marijuana enthusiasts due to its potency and undeniably strong and balanced high experience.

Jägg Kush (Delicious Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Delicious Seeds
Parents Sweet Warlock x Jäggen
Genetics 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC 25%
Yield (Indoor) 550-600 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 850-900 gr/plant
Sex Feminized
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Jägg Kush (Delicious Seeds) feminized
Jägg Kush (Delicious Seeds) feminized